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Some types of Western Javanese bathic that refresh the eyes!

West Javanese Batik is an Indonesian culture that cannot be replaced. How not, it has already been recognized as a world cultural heritage. Batik is sure to bring Indonesia’s fragrant name to the world stage. For those of you who don’t know Batik. Batik is a piece of art written on a cloth.

It has a high value because every work has a meaning. So it’s not only done by prioritizing a trend model. It already has its own trademark  to use far ahead. However, young people are now starting  to forget it by wearing popular distro  costumes.

The fading of this culture is a devastating blow to be overcome. The attitude of Indonesians is still low, which makes it easier to provoke outsiders. Even if he doesn’t want to wear a batik, but if Malaysia agrees to him, many people, including you, get angry, right? The point is to stop as much as possible from claiming culture.

One form of maintaining it is to keep it. There  are many types of West Java Bathic available, especially for the residents of J Abar  . You can wear it on official or unofficial occasions. There are now many models of Bathic dresses that can be combined with modern tastes. So it may not seem old-fashioned.

From you who are curious about the diversity of choices. We have some references that have subtleties that are refreshing to the eye. There are actually many options, but we’ll list the ones that will refresh the eyes. When it is worn, the wearer can be the center of attention because it is eye-catching or pleasing to the eye.

Megamendung Bathic Typical of West Java

For the newlyweds who are going to get married. Most parents  will buy this type of bathic. It gives meaning to reproduction and gives life.  Megamendung West Java Bathic looks colorful with bright nuances, such as red, blue, yellow, green, and pinke. This motif originates from the central syrebon.

The construction center is the Tresmi villages, sub-districts, plareds and sirebon regency. What isthe purpose? The color corresponds to the full color. Of course, the intentions may not be remote. It is believed that it was first built in an area near the ocean. The meaning of life is symbolized by the clouds of the sea that bring down the rain.

This meaning is very appropriate to describe the giver of life. Rain can give life to many living things. Not only humans, but other small creatures as well. So don’t be surprised if you have a cloud motif with rain blankets. For a colorful color with a motif like this, it clearly depicts a peaceful life.

With this kind of purpose, the price in the market is certainly not very expensive. It can be purchased for the lowest price of Rs 20,000. This depends on the quality of the fabric and the complexity of the motif. But for the common man, the price of Rs 20,000 is good. Wearing it at official events is a great option.

Western Javanese Bathic in the Siamis Area

For this type of Western Javanese batik , it features several motifs at the same time. Actually there are many, but the most popular options are from the kingdom of Galuh. One of the most successful countries of the time. For its popular motifs, it consists of shark stones, Galuh Pakwan and Seung Vanara.

If you are visiting the Bandung area and its surroundings then of course you often hear the Siung monkey. This motif is based on the history of the power struggle in Dera Siamis. The king of Siung Vanara was scrambling for power to become one of the most influential kings there. In the meantime, Galuh Pakuan was taken from a king’s dagger.

More precisely, the king of Galuh during the reign of the Siamese Empire at that time. This is because the shark stone motif was taken from the Holiday Dera in Pangandaran.  A holiday area like y ik to stop. Causes strange intentions, but still has deeper meaning. Also, there are intentions for the assimilation of jogja and solo people.

This purpose is almost identical to that in his diasel. A relaxing impression with shades of white chocolate or dark chocolate. The unique features that emerge from it are awakened. Generally speaking, the price of the Siamis batik is still fairly affordable. Tens of thousands to lakhs depending on the quality of construction.

West Java Batik Sianjur Region

According to the region, Sianjur is a separate agricultural area. The motifs introduced are, of course, agricultural subtleties. For the first time since the colonial era, it was used by many Indonesians at the time.  If you look deeper, the motifs presented are inspired by agriculture. The yellow green colour with grains of paddy is a clear proof of this.

With this kind of purpose, the selling price is not very expensive. You can easily get it through offline and online markets. Now there are many bathyx sellers who sell their goods online. For a price that doesn’t reach millions of people. You can buy at dozens or parties at the same time.

Go deeper into the most popular Western Javanese Batik. Actually four motifs have been introduced, namely the difficult KeIkapi, cross-Pencak, Paddy and Hayam Pelung. Rice motif certainly speaks of its agricultural territory, while Harp speaks of the condition of the village.

And as far as martial arts are concerned, it reflects traditional culture. With this feature, it certainly makes it different from other regions. There is also Hayam Pelung, who talks about chickens from Sianjur.  A variant that refreshes the eyes if you’re tired of common options, especially for people in central and east Java.

Western Javanese Bathic in the Indramayu region

The fourth type that can refresh the eyesis Indramayu, which is one of  the regions of West Java close to nature  where creating artisans has inspired a lot with plants and heva. Its  interesting motifs make it in great demand. The color pattern is also new as it uses a combination of natural new colors.

The craftsmen there were inspired by how nature came together. Humans, animals and plants together can become an ecosystem. This relationship can be interpreted more broadly. So it’s not just ecosystem relationships, it’s small relationships. In short, the intentions of the Indramayu region indicate that life should be more harmonious.

Be it from the family, from the community, from the village, from the city or from the country. The emergence of a sense of separatism and the emphasis on the group may have been the result of many societies forgetting culture. Culture is a relic full of philosophy. So, if underestimated, there will be a bad consequence for many in the end.

The selling price of this motif is classified as more expensive. A remarkable mixture of many aspects. This will surely give the impression of beautiful luxury. It can be purchased online and offline. But today’s online is very cheap. You can save more on expenses without buying other items.

The lowest purchase price is $50,000. It depends on the provider and the materials used. The work is longer with more complex purposes. This will definitely increase the selling price. If you’re interested , because it gives the eyes a refreshing motif. Try to wear it on special occasions, even if it’s officially highly recommended.

How do so many other kinds of perspectives still take it? Right now there are only four types of purposes of this writing. Its popularity and the beauty of its eyes. Include it in the recommendations even if the selling price is not too high. However, this Western Javanese gives a deeper meaning to Batic life.

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