BelanjaHemat Lazada Customer Service

Lazada live chat is now like a solution when facing the problem of ordering goods. Contacting Lazada customer service can indeed be done in various ways, ranging from sending emails, calling to sending messages through the application.

It must be admitted that compared to various ways to contact Lazada, live chat is the best solution. Being one of the largest marketplaces in Indonesia, Lazada understands very well if it must provide services and support that is very perfect for customers, whether sellers or buyers.

Usually, buyer customers more often want to get solutions or information on the problem of orders they have, while sellers often menanyabout matters related to mamispayment or return of goods sent by buyers, of course by using Lazada live chat, will be faster.

If you use other methods to contact Lazada customer service, such as sending emails, it takes a long time to respond because of thevery long queue, therefore live chat is the best solution that we can use for now when we want to contact Lazada.

How to Contact Lazada Via Live Chat

Live chat recommendations from Lazada can be used as an option if you currently have problems and need a quick response, this service you can use anywhere and anytime, so you don’t have to worry, here’s how to contact Lazada using live chat services.

  1. Go to the Lazada website. To do lazada live chat, you must open the website first. In addition to opening the website, you can also install the Lazada application. Download the Lazada app through the App Store or Google Play Store, install the app.
  2. Make sure you already have a Lazada account. When making a purchase, Lazada provides the option to create an account, therefore don’t forget to log in to your account so that later the complaint process is much easier. Whether through the website or application, you can go directly to the account.
  3. Scroll down continuously, then pay attention to the bottom left. It will be written live chat. Click the chat with customer care writing, complete all forms that must be filled in starting from email, and others. You can immediately submit a complaint and wait until customer care answers.

Advantages of Contacting Via Lazada Live Chat

When compared to contacting Lazada via email or phone connection, of course, this live chat option is widely used as an option. There are various advantages that this live chat option has. Here are some of the advantages that are owned:

  1. There is no need to spend money. By using this live chat service, we do not need to spend a large fee, just spend a fee for the data package so that the problem can be quickly solved and always connected to the live chat service from Lazada.
  2. Bisa responded quickly. If we compare live chat services with other services, it must be done if live chat can be responded to very quickly, so that we feel more relieved and comfortable and problems can also be quickly overcome properly.
  3. Like the steps above, doing a live chat using the Lazada application is very easy. We just need to do a scroll and then click and write down what we want to convey. In addition, you can also do a live chat by searching for this service in the browser, later it will be directly connected.
  4. It’s more convenient. This live chat service from Lazada has a real time response, so that as customers, we willget information at the right time, besides that we also do not need to give full attention to the live chat. For example, we can do live chat while doing work.
  5. User friendly. With the experience of every day holding gadgets continuously, of course we are used to writing messages briefly, so that when going to complain or ask something with in Lazada live chat, we become easier to use it.

Problems That Can Be Solved Through Live Chat

When contacting Lazada customer care, it is actually not always to solve the problem, because in fact there are various things related to Lazada services that you can ask this customer care. Here are some issues you can ask, such as:

  1. When buying products from abroad. Marketplace Lazada not only makesit easy for us to buy local products, but also products from abroad. Sometimes, the purchase of products abroad also experiences problems, such as not visiting until or orders canceled. You can ask customer care directly.
  2. When doingkukan top up. Lazada also has a top up service. Usually, customers who complain because the top up does not come in. If within 1X24 hours the top up you do not come in, you can contact Lazada live chat.
  3. Product return issues. In buying and selling activities, not always get a seller who is really perfect to process orders, sometimes we have to find the order is not suitable or the goods delivered are not appropriate, if so you can directly contact customer care from Lazada.
  4. The problem of replacing goods. As a buyer, if the goods purchased are not suitable and have to wait for the change of goods, they must be impatient. If you want a quick response in the replacement of goods, you can immediately contact customer care, so that you will be given a noteto the party to speed up the resolution ofyour problem.

Tips Quick Problems Solved with Lazada Live Chat

Although contacting live chat from Lazada can be done very easily, but you definitely want the problem to be resolved quickly, and even solved properly. Actually, so that the problems related to this booking are quickly resolved, there are some tips that you can do:

  1. Describe the problem in detail. So that customer care knows well the problem you have, make sure you have explained the problem in detail, avoid explaining little by little the problem, because later it even makes the complaint become longer.
  2. Add a picture when complaining. Although a little troublesome, but by adding images that have something to do with your problem, Lazada’s customer care live chat will be easier to understand and immediately check. Therefore, add a picture when making a complaint.
  3. Make sure the internet network is in good condition. Before contacting customer care, make sure to return if you have a good internet network. So, you can stay connected with customer care until the problem can be solved.
  4. Avoid shortening the word when complaining so as not to cause misperceptions. Sometimes, because we want to quickly send a message, we do abbreviations, even though it can cause misperceptions. Therefore, avoid shortening the message.

The live chat feature provided by Lazada is of course very helpful, especially there does not cost money and problems can be solved quickly and very well. Therefore, there is nothing wrong from now on if you have problems with ordering goods, immediately contact Lazada live chat.

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