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West Javanese Goldfish Pindang Recipe

To try treating four penchants now you don’t need to go to a Sundanese restaurant to make it home with a recipe for typical pindane machines in West Java. Pindang Machine is a popular sala processing from the kitchen on Sunday, has a wild flavor and a little sting that makes people like it.

Fish is the most hunted ingredient to be used as food. In addition to the flavor of savory, machine meat has a good nutritional content for the body. One of the types of popular foods is Captain Penchant from West Java.

The good news is that try the soap flavor and pungent in this Javanese process you don’t need to be bothering to go far, at home you can already make this meal with a recipe for typical penchant in West Java.   However, before that, know in advance how to choose fresh fish so that the flavor quality of the dishes remains good.

Tips for Choosing Fresh Fish in a Market or Shopping

To get a delicious addition from this west Javanese recipe, you need to choose the fish with good quality. The nutritional content of this food ingredient is very high and good if the quality of the fish is good. Not often some retail seller with poor quality so you need to know the following features of fresh fish, here are its characteristics:

  1. Pay attention to his eyes.

The fish’s characteristic quality deneg can be seen in his eyes. If the eyes are still clean and light in the middle then it is more likely to be of good quality. Vice versa, if you have pale eyes, it can be realized that the quality is not good.

  1. Gills are red.

Before you buy you have to pay attention to the gills first. If gills are red and look pure, it means that the quality is good or always cool. Whether gills are pale or slightly brown, it indicates that the quality is decreasing.

  1. Scale to shine and tower when removing it.

To see a fish of good quality, you can also see it at its side. If the scale is still bright and when pulling does not come easily, it indicates that the quality is very good. Well, and vice versa if scale to look dull and very easy to shell off, it’s more likely in poor quality.

  1. The aroma is not crazy.

This step is to smell the smell. Golf Cool has a distinctive aroma and doesn’t make your nose distracted. If the quality is poor You can check in the aroma if the smell is rotten, it can be ascertained that the quality is very bad.

  1. The body is shining bright.

The last step to seeing the quality is paying attention to the color of the body. When the body shines quite nicely and looks cool, it indicates good quality. On the other hand, if it has poor quality, the color will tend to be dull and unpleasant to look at.

West Javanese Goldfish Pindang Recipe

Looking Penchant is a Sunday meal loved by all circles, both adults and children. Having a delicious taste makes your appetites increase even more. Besides being delicious, this preparation also contains nutrients that are good for the body.

To make this meal isn’t hard too long as you know how to do it well and correctly. Therefore, if you want to make this dish, here is a recipe for western Javanese pindang machines that you can try at home and it’s easy to make.

Ingredients to prepare:

  1. Goldfish according to need.
  2. 250 ml cooking tea oil.
  3. Water moderates.

Spice that needs the most first:

  1. A segment of santime spice
  2. Six onions.
  3. Four pieces garlic.
  4. Pecan three seeds only.
  5. Two red peppers that removed seeds first.
  6. An internal galang with two lemon trees crushed in lemon.
  7. Three leaves of greeting.
  8. Three feet of onions are already sliced.
  9. A large spoonful of sugar that grows.
  10. Powder haul flavor.

 The manufactured mode:

The first step is to wash the fish well out of their scale. After that, fat it with salt and then fry it first using boiled oil. Don’t forget when you cook the fish back once so it doesn’t break into shape. Once cooked the next drainage.

For the next step, mix all the ingredients and then pit it using an blender to make it faster. Next, use the oil used to cook the fish in advance to skip this season. Souté the spices until there is a smell that tempts the appetite. Next, add water around flavors.

The last step is to put fish in a pan filled with spice, then add the onion pieces to add a good taste. Wait for the season to infuse, if necessary a little first make sure the season well absorbs. The recipe for west Javanese Kap pindang is ready to be served.

Add Lalaban and Sambal

Sundanese cuisine with a western Javanese recipe cannot be separated from lab sauce and chilli sauce. Similarly with this pengdanje golf course. Now to make your appetites increase, let’s make an imppromptu sauce that is simple and easy for you to make at home.


  1. Cards closed shallot.
  2. Four pieces woven or flavored.
  3. Five pieces of caine pepper or flavor.
  4. A small spoonful of pre-shrimp shrimp.
  5. A small single teaspoon.
  6. 35 grams brown sugar.
  7. One tomato is pre-slices.

The manufactured mode:

The method of preparation is very easy to mix all the ingredients and then pure it using a tear or blender. However, to make the flavor of the chilli sauce more delicious, you better smooth it using cobek. Next, make it more delicious when food prepares laboratories in the form of cucumber, basil, eggplant, and other types of Sundanese Lalaborat.

Benefits of golf food for the body

In addition to having a delicious fish and soap treat with a typical West Javanese recipe looking penchant It has good benefits for your body. Goldfish are a type of fresh water animals that are rich in nutrients for the body, here are the benefits that you can get when consuming it.

Avoid problems that are at your heart. One of the ingredients in the food is very good for maintaining healthy heart. The omega-three content of gold is very good for the heart as well as making the pounding normal. Taking it twice a week can reduce the occurrence of heart failure.

In addition, there are many other benefits that you can get when consuming it such as helping the development of brains, preventing cancer, good for mental health, and helping children’s growth and children’s development. Golf is indeed a kind of fresh water-rich animal to benefit the body.

Having processed foods made from fish is good if you want foods that are delicious and beneficial for health. Well, therefore try the western Javanese recipe pindang and fill it with lab sauce and chilli sauce.


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