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West Java Education Office performs online learning amid outbreak


During today’s outbreak, the West Java Education Office will also carry out a number of activities to enable the learning process to continue    well.Even in each region, it is conducting a new ya ng learning process to give students access to courses for graduation and progress.


Some schools, especially vocational schools themselves, perform face-to-face learning procedures. However, this also applies only in some places and especially on practice topics. Because in this vocational school, skills are important to have students.


At the same time, the practice process is still moving forward directly.  It doesn’t have to be done directly; in addition,  Western Java  education  provides a lot of assistance to students who can’t afford it so they can continue to study. such as  providing free equipment and also having a free data quota for teachers and students  .


But the introduction of this new learning has caused many parents to complain. Because they can’t teach their children for some unknown lessons.  Especially students who can’t run this new learning system; the government is also trying to learn directly by using several important points.


Online learning during The Covid outbreak


Indeed, the cholera-19 outbreak since 2020 has actually affected many sectors; including in the field of education is also affected;students and students still learning need to feel the impact by going home or learning online.The program is conducted in all schools.


Like the West Java Education Office, it also uses an online school program for all students in West Java .  The policy itself is practically implemented in all educational places across Indonesia, even around the world.Initially, learning is going ahead.But it has changed as the coronavirus epidemic spreads even more.


Home-based learning is ongoing to give students new experiences. However, even if it runs remotely, students must be able to meet targets for increases and graduation rates must be implemented. However, this new learning approach has received a number of negative feedbacks.


Especially from the caregiver parents.  Many complained of bias and were unable to participate in online learning activities implemented by  the West Java Education Office and other regions.  Few people want this online learning to stop and go back to the page.


Since it uses the Internet, it certainly still requires quota data. Meanwhile, the government also provides free quotas for students and teachers. To further ease the burden during the course process that takes place during the current outbreak. In West Java itself, it also provides internet quota assistance for a convenient learning process.


Passed offline course certification


Now that a new normal state has been implemented during the Cholera-19 outbreak  , the government and the West Java Education Office have also implemented a new program like conducting courses using a face-to-face approach  .   But for some rules it is set out in implementing this learning process.   So that it can also reduce covid cases.


Although the school’s location is in the green zone, it has not been directly enforced in face-to-face learning. Because there are some points to be checked first; if a school meets the criteria, the program can be implemented.For conditions such as schools, there are regulations in green areas.


Jamn that for face-to-face activities is also important for students who are not supported by the Internet network or are referred to as empty places. so really not all learning places can use this learning system during the course of The outbreak of Covis-19. Although it is included in the green zone.


Meanwhile, the smk level or the vocational high school itself, from the Western Java Education Office, this front-page system will only apply lessons that are rehearsal.  Because if you want to get a certificate for your own skills, you need to act directly.


Even teachers cannot participate directly in this learning process. There are many points to consider too. For example, those who can participate are teachers under    the age of 45 and have no other diseases to hinder the learning process during this outbreak.


West Java students giving vaccines


Disdik, or The West Java Education Office , has offered students vaccinations across West   Java; of course, the vaccine will also be carried out in various     stages.Especially for teaching staff to carry out face-to-face learning activities.


Not only that, for the provision, it will also be prioritized for older teachers  ; the vaccination process given by the government will be given according to such programs; in effect, vaccination for students is very important to apply after the use of medical personnel   .


Of course, this is used so that the learning process can be carried out properly without anyone being affected by covid. For the provision of vaccines for teachers themselves, it is offered according to their own staff numbers in West Java; of course, the sun is given to teachers who do direct learning activities first      .


 According to the West Java Education Office, not everyone is involved in their own direct learning.   Only a few hundred people have been fined according to applicable rules; in fact, there are many schools that are still unable to apply this course because they are in places with high covid school rates.


For accepting the vaccine to work best, everything to sumup ik must do a pre-screening as well.This is very important to use so that when the vaccine can be maximized.Even if you get this on your own, you still have to obey the health protocol.


Direct learning process in West Java


Teaching and learning activities are organized directly by the  Java Education Office itself, also preparing for what such a plan looks like.  Regarding this learning activity itself has been carried out in a process, putting primary  interest in regional application areas  and how prevention efforts and readiness are.


Despite this face-to-face learning activity, it also adheres to the principles of supporting the safety of students or teachers. This is an important and important point to be considered by each party; every school to use this system must be prepared for a lot of things.


Supervisors from disdik will later see what the school’s readiness is. Of course, it has the heads of the village and the head of the local suburbs. If there are still a lot of flaws, then it must be completed first . However, if the school has completed everything necessary, it can be passed directly to the department.


For the implementation of the course itself, a mixed copy ingection method will be used.  Where students later study to go directly to school directly or change.  In order for one class to be divided into two or three, according to the rules.   The West Java Education Office has certainly prepared things that can reduce the spread of covid.

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