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The Leon Communication Center requires a lot of services to get information for both passengers and expected tourists. Such services are very necessary considering that the plane’s flight schedule is specified and not every time. Customers should then know the schedule to set their departure time.

In fact, it’s not hard to get information right now thanks to the advancement of technology because of the effectiveness of the Internet. You can get a variety of information easily and quickly using your phone networks and the Internet. Leon Air provides online services via the website, e-mail or phone.

Various ways to provide leon communication  center services  are deliberately provided so that customers don’t make it difficult. This is to protect customers’ comfort and satisfaction with the use of the services we provide. This way you feel happy and care to continue using Leon Air

Reviewing Leon Air ,Indonesian Airlines

Leon Air is known as a private and professional airline in Indonesia The priority of the service to satisfy customers, it is not surprising that various ways to contact the Lion Contact Center are provided. Customers will be easy to obtain information that is very fast, detailed and detailed for a variety of purposes later.

It was first established in October 1999 and first began broadcasting on June 30, 2000. Since his debut, he has been well received by the community for services and cheap prices. So it can’t only be used by the upper middle class but also suitable for all circles.

Leon Air promotes security , safety , compliance and compliance with the provision of flight services . This is evidence of how services are not required to be suspected from different parties, including the Leon Communications Center service  , which is always considered to provide customers with faster, easier and more convenient information.

There is no surprise that lion air now has a big name with a large number of customers from various circles Even since 2014, it has officially become Miss Universe airlines and Indonesia’s Putre, and establishing various cooperation between countries is an honorable achievement such as airlines.

Visit the officialI website for full information about Lion Airlines

Having the Leon Connection Center service  to make it easier for anyone to get information, we realized that the easiest way to get information is to take advantage of the Internet. Therefore, Leon Air has a website that can also provide complete information, quickly and easily available.

You can get various important information from the official website, which is one of the flight information. There is a feature on the master page that can help you easily find flight information. Just sign in to your city, destination city, departure date and arrival date, and then click the search button.

Results immediately appear to provide detailed information that can be evaluatedto consider the location selection. You can see the flight schedule and if there is no table, you will be given enough information. This is very useful because it will save you more time to find information associated with flight tables.

There are other features on the official website that are very useful for you to easily dig up information. Including bookmanagement features, travel promotion, lion experience and about us. You can get a variety of information in just one place using a network connection.

At the bottom of the official Lion Air website is a list of company profiles and CS services. You can get information about call center connections  or various ways to use customer services. There is also a bookmark guide, about us, help center, conditions, as well as professions.

customer  monitoring in various ways

Customers can use the Lion Connection Center service  freely  and are given full freedom. You can use services provided to obtain information, ask questions or convey criticism. You don’t have to be confused about where to find the information because you can use some easy ways below.

  1. Customer service by e-mail

Lion Airlines is always open to receive your messages by e-mail at address. We are ready to help you deliver what needs to be clearly requested and add a post. We try to quickly respond to emails but because of the large number of incoming emails, we will have to wait calmly for response lines.

  1. Call by phone

If you want to connect directly because you feel more comfortable, you can contact CS. Just call the following phone numbers:

  • Indonesia Only (+6221) 6379 8000

2.2وڵاتی سینگاپور (+65) 6339 1922

  • Malaysia (+60) 03 7841 5333
  • Australia Country (+6280) 4177 8899
  • For ێڎڎچrmé ۩ ێڎڵہ

Leon Connection Center services are  also available in online form  form  on the official page of the Leon Air website. You must fill out your first name, end name, phone number, email, address, city and country. Then you can fill out the private message field as required by contacting us.

  1. Come straight to the branch office.

If you have difficulty using customer monitoring services online, please come to the nearest branch office. The location of the branch’s office is in nearly all areas of Indonesia so just look for the nearest location. such as Baniwangi, Bandung, Jakarta, Banjarmasin, Jambi, Bankok, Batam, Bandar Achi and many others

advice touse customer monitoring servicesproperly and correctly

When contacting the Leon Contact Center service, also take care of ethics when you use  it to provide shared security. We are comfortable providing information or solving barriers that pass quickly after 3 simple advice below so that you can get the best customer monitoring service.

  1. There’s no time for بەکاربهێنە

Make sure you use a good and moral language to make reading or hearing more beautiful. Do not use regional languages that are difficult to understand but use Indonesians according to the law. So that we can give you a detailed answer and not take what you want to say wrong.

  1. Use the item on the e-mail

Notes when sending messages using e-mail should be aware of the use of the item at the beginning of the message. For example, you want to get information about how to change the plane’s flight schedule. For example, type a table item and change information to respond faster and respond immediately as in an unknown email.

  1. briefly and clearly convey

In using customer service, long or long lips service does not pass. It would be better if the information was briefly and concisely explained so that it didn’t take time. This is very fond of cs because it can quickly provide information to help other customers directly.

Websites are the best choice for getting online information easily and very quickly. Leon Air provides a variety of customer service options that can be used to search for information, complaints or criticism suggestions. Use styles to contact the Leon Call Center as by e-mail, phone, or direct arrival.

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