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Western Javanese vegetable recipe guaranteed delicious and delicious

For those of you who want to learn western Javanese vegetable recipes , of course, don’t worry anymore, because now culinary development is getting faster. The province of West Java has become an area in Indonesia so far famous for several culinary tours. Of course, there is a special feature when you just prove it.

The first time you know the taste of various Western Javanese vegetables, certainly almost all of them have a sour taste.   And its manufacture  that dominates most of  all typical vegetables is usually  fish, thus making it an  unmatched favor. If you are a culinary tourism lover, this will help add insights.

Don’t worry when you just want to start learning many typical West Java vegetable recipes because it turns out that it can be done easily. But it’s important to understand that every time you learn, try to understand more. This is so you can try yourself at home without needing the help of others.

Not only appetizing when seen for its outward appearance, most Western Java foods have good taste. You may still find several vegetables from the West Java area, even if it’s far from where you live. Instead of getting confused about going to a certain place, it’s best to start studying each recipe one by one.

The more curious what are the most famous vegetables, let’s give a complete recipe with how to cook properly. Without having to wait any longer, here is a full explanation of the cooking ingredients and the steps to make them. Just follow the discussion to the end so it can be understood easily.

Typical recipe for Western Javanese vegetables Bereum Bereum

If you live near the West Java area, you can still understand, but it’s different if you have a house outside west Java. The sour bean vegetable bereum is the opening discussion this time that can be learned very easily. With the main ingredients of the bean, of course, these ingredients can be found without difficulty.

The first step here you have to prepare various ingredients to support in the manufacture of vegetables of the type bean acid. The types of ingredients are in the form of 350 grams of fresh red beans. Do not make the wrong choice of the type of beans, as it will be different when compared to others, and this has a special taste.

The ingredientsof west java re sep are sour beans then you need about a liter of broth. Then also prepare the  tomato fruit cut into eight slices, two bay leaves, even a little galangal.   Mix two tablespoons of tamarind with a tablespoon of salt using water and squeezed.

Then there is a fine ingredient that from now on should be prepared from four rather large red peppers ditambah 8 red background and half garlic.   Also prepare 1 tablespoon of shrimp paste, three tablespoons of brown sugar and finally a tablespoon of salt.   Langkah in practice in the kitchen follows.

The cooking method is quite easy, ie put the beans in the water to boil to taste, then drain. Reheat namun mixed with all ingredients accompanied by fine seasonings until mixed. Just reduce the heat to cook the beans until they are soft and the soup is a third left, sprinkle salt and then the food is ready to be served.

The Hardest Hit Culinary  Karedok

In addition, there is a typical recipe of Western Javanese vegetables that has the name of the hits, ie karedok, of course, almost some people already know. Whereas karedok is one of the culinary ones that has been spread in many places, not just in West Java. So for the recipe itself we provide the  following complete.

First prepare the main ingredients in the form of sliced vegetables ranging from cucumbers, eggplants, super toge, lettuce, basil, cabbage, long beans to tomatoes.    All types of vegetables will be used as an addition to make later.   But beforehand should also prepare the peanut seasoning according to the   means in the explanation below.

Use 250 grams of beans after entering the oven or frying pan, then also prepare 300 ml of warm water. five garlics,  eight curly peppers and two cayenne peppers should be fried for a while. Then 60 grams of Javanese sugar is puree, plus two tablespoons of salt, two shrimp pastes, three cm kencur.

After preparing the ingredients in the recipe for Western Javanese vegetables , then there are 4 steps to cook. First puree all the ingredients to make peanut seasoning by mashing manually. Then it remains to just mix the peanut seasoning with the existing vegetables, then stir, and serve using biscuits.

Oncom Rice Making Is Very Easy

Not satisfied with the two recipes above, we will also take steps in the manufacture of rice oncom. Who doesn’t know about the existence of this dish? Certainly almost everyone understands it too. Because oncom is one of the most delicious vegetables in West Java and makes the body healthy.

The preparation of the material includes from three oncom boxes that have been torn off using a fork or knife. Then use curly cayenne pepper and   cayenne pepper with only 5 seeds each.   The presence of an onion is a must, both red is 6 and white is only 2.

Using two cm of kencur, half a tablespoon of grilled shrimp paste, a typical recipe of Western Javanese vegetables can be tried directly. The cooking step from the beginning you should bake oncom first. Make sure that all the cooking seasonings have been mixed except the, asse all until they secom and the marinade has been soft.

After successfully drying until it is not watery, you puree other seasonings to mix in the oncom. Stir well using hot rice, so that the spices permeate when eaten. After stirring until it is distributed evenly, then you can serve it directly guaranteed to get the best flavor when ate.

Seblak Ceker enjoyed by a million people

I just haven’t finished here yet, who cares about the recipe for seblak ceker? As the most popular food, you should understand its presence. The material to make seblak turned out to be quite easy, ie just using  a handful and a half of biscuits, grains of meatballs to taste, dames as needed. The cookieswill be soaked for two hours.

For fine seasoning, the recipe for Western Javanese vegetables in the manufacture of seblak requires two types of onions of three seeds each.   There’s more with a walnut, one size like a finger, ofthe n plus chili following the cravings.   Don’t forget to also pack salt, broth, sugar, until the pepper makes it even more delicious.

Without forgetting a weevil, a splint of leeks, and also prepare an ingredient in the form of 2 eggs. The first step of the preparation is to fry all   the delicious seasonings needed to  cook until cooked. After that, briefly heat some ingredients in the form of meatballs, feet, biscuits, with the addition of the four ingredients.

Pour the water from the stew broth of the quadrimesura meat to the taste of desire so that the taste is stronger, then wait for it to boil  .   Before finishing the process, add the onion and mustard greens leaves and sliced cayenne pepper cooked until cooked. At the time of the serving process, just put it in a bowl.

The various seasonings and how to cook vegetables above can be understood easily without any difficulty. From now on you can apply all the recipes available to cook yourself from home. Knowing many additional Javanese vegetable recipes certainly  enriches skills while in the kitchen.

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