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A Folklore collection in West Java isvery interesting

It is traditional   in every region in Indonesia  ; many believe that this story is merely an essay, making it impossible to prove it true, but it seems to be preparing, but there is a message that can be extracted from the story.

It may be known that this story should not be forgotten by the younger generation, especially at this time, there are many generations of young people who want to open the Internet without knowing this kind of tradition.

If this situation is not contained, it can have a serious impact on the continuation of this story, so they are full of meaning and therefore should be known. Some are mentioned here, because  this tradition  in West Java is  not just a story, so it’s very interesting to read.

There are also standards of living to enable us to be a role model for the next generation, and in this way we will apply these values to positively impact the younger generation in the future.

Stories About Mount Tankuban Perahu

This tradition in West  Java  tells the story of Sankurai, who loves her mother, Aran Sambi, whose mother knew she was about to marry her child, asked her to prevent the marriage.

Unexpectedly, however, her son agreed to such a request to build a boat with a river dam before arriving in the morning, and the work the San Suu Kyi had done was quickly completed because of the help of Jean.

Dianne Sambi, who saw it, interrupted her brain to make a way to prevent her from getting the job done, so she thought morning had come because of such a condition to look like a morning, so she made the chickens chicken chicken.

At the time, however, the San Suu Kyi had not finished her career and was angry that her mother rejected her suggestion. Angered by kicking the boat, he eventually rejected the boat, which became a mountain currently known as Tankuban Para.

 It is very interesting to think that this tradition in West  Java  is  one  of the most popular tourist attractions in West Java, as well as a boat that many believe in this story.

It also has a fascinating story, and it tastes good enough that many people like it, especially about the relationship between mother and daughter, and there is a lot of moral information that can be extracted from the story.

 Original Story from Bandung

Another custom in West Java is about the origin of Bandung, a story belonging to Jakar and Warre, students of a college Although the nature of the two is the opposite of each other, they complement each other so that they are like brothers.

But conflicts began when she liked the teacher’s daughter, Sikka, who had a beautiful face, eventually asked for Sika, but his father accepted the proposal without Peterie’sconsent.

But actually Seka loved Wearer so he’d done a race where he married a man who could have fatally tipped the Tankuban boat balaclava In the end, Jakar and Weir looked for a way to win the race but Jakar couldn’t actually do that.

But instead of looking for a way to wash the lava, he played after wandering around Jakar, but nothing like what Weira did in many ways to get bored of the lava, until he finally found the beaver that got the dam out of the wood.

This eventually led to a way to lease the chalkboard, eventually blocking the Sita River by tearing down a hill to prevent the river water, eventually boring the lava on Mount Tankuban.

So eventually the basin was put into the lake, and eventually Wira and Sekar married and had children, but many years later the dam, caused by high water flow, dried up the water in the lake.

As a result, soil scattered soils emerged, and many moved to a new location. Until it became a city, its name was confiscated by the acquirer or the garment—a  tradition of West Java that many people did not know.

 Folklore about Lutung Kasarung

The tradition in West Java speaks of meeting a princess  named Pabasari, a prince who is cursed to be an ape Putori Pabasari himself was thrown away because he seemed to be affected by skin disease.

People ofJavanese western  Cirita  met   Langer because they were thrown into the forest because of illness. Langer, who loved the rescue, eventually prayed to the Almighty, praying to the Almighty so that the water could cure Peter Tree’s skin disease.

Then, after her skin disease healed, Peter was eventually taken back to the palace, whereas the princess’s brother became jealous and his power was given to Paba Eventually, the elder brother asked the king to hold a contest, a quick cooking and hair-trimming contest.

Because the younger brother became a winner in both contests, the older brother eventually asked the king to make a new contest to determine who the winner was, and who was the better partner.

Pabasari eventually brought a langa and introduced him as his partner, but his brother mocked him because his partner was a primate Because of his grief, he eventually prayed to the Almighty to restore his style to his original state, and then he was granted permission.

At the end of this West Javanese folklore  , Pubasari has the  opportunity to become a royal dreamerand his brother P. P. Abaran proved guilty and lost but did not go unpunished.

 Forkloa about the Nineteenth Reef

Another West  Javanese tradition is also a fascinating story about a famous couple who can be blessed with children and the Nene Reef, which begins the story To meet her daily needs, the husband will go to the sea and go home in the morning with an arrest that she will eat or sell herself.

But one day, although the husband was allowed to go out to sea, the husband had not returned home until morning, and his wife was shocked, so she went to find her husband with other villagers, but eventually the wife who gave up prayed for an Almighty reunion.

But suddenly the stone came up and someone said the stone was a depiction of her husband, and eventually the stunned wife prayed to the Almighty to turn it into a rock like her husband.

Of course, the two stones are positioned next to each other, which can still be seen on the candy beach until now, so learn from the above incident about his wife’s loyalty to her husband There are many lessons to learn, so it is very important  for young people to learn  about West Javier’s traditions,  so we can learn a lot about daily life and apply it.

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