Sisingans are often used as a show for traditional events : Tubidy

 Western Javanes art  is unique as a customs feature

The presence of Western  Javanes art has been  a leader in  regional potential for a long time  .  A variety  of  local arts passed by ancestors are still preserved today  .   Culture in the region  has always been a special recognition known to the wider community  .

In Indonesia ,  all regions should have their own cultures and traditions to become clear as self-identification  .   All elements of society are also  involved in ensuring that the kinds of arts that are created remain sustainable at any time  .  In addition  to  being done to preserve the local culture , of course , it can be used as an attraction for tourists  .

For viewers  who  come to this area , they  are certainly  not  good with unique performances   .   So far  , public  health is still being held to respect customs until it  has never been eliminated .  Because  the region  is so vast ,  it is not surprising that  the development of this culture  can be recognized by the people .

Many people are interested  in getting more information about the art of West Javanes because it has a unique ness  .  Knowing  the  culture of  a region  , you should respect the existence of traditions  that adhere .    Therefore , the  following list  of arts  should be used as references so that you  can have an opinion on culture .

 Wing golk art  tradition created for the recreation of  society

In ancient times  ,  of course , there was no modern technology in people ‘s lives as it is now  .    In an effort to find recreation  ,  it is not surprising that different kinds of performances always bring out local  arts .  Different  instruments are  used and used as much as possible to attract people  .

Different forms of artistic media are still hand-made and performed in each show   .   At  that time , a form of recreation often uses handcuffed media to tell stories  .   Similarly , different  stories are  based on myths that have been linked to culture by ancestors for generations .

In  addition to using stories and legends to bring the show , it shows that there are often satires  .   It is   often used in  Western Javanes art so that residents can  enjoy comedy  .   For the past , comedy has  been performed many times to make every viewer laugh  .

The wing  goal  , which actually takes a justified form of art , is similar to a small human  being .   But of course , the shape of  the Wing goal is based on his personality , which differs greatly during the performance  .  It  is also used to make it easier for the viewer to recognize each character from the handcuffs  .

Each  handbag should have its own characteristics about transporting as someone controlled by The Wing .    So  far ,  some handcuffs are very popular if they are able to call for traction during performances  .   Because  so far this art form exists , Wing Golik will always be happy .

Sisingans are often used as a show for traditional events

In accordance with the discussion of other West Javanese arts , it seems that each event has a certain performance in accordance with its customs  .   In addition to being a show , it has become clear that  different arts are also  being performed to preserve culture in society . Following  the  progress   of current art ,  it is certainly capable of providing a unique feeling when enjoying the show   .

At this time , this  will be explained in detail about Sisingan , who is always  famous .   Sisingans can be found  in selected events with the aim of reviving someone ‘  s  celebration .   Residents who  have  a certain festival  will create a sisingan that  will be celebrated as a moment of life .

Usually ,  sisins are performed when a boy passes the circumcision or circumcision period to be celebrated immediately  .   Circumcision takes place once in a lifetime , so many citizens want to do a special event for their child  .  The  traditional form of  the event  is usually carried out by forming a convoy in the form of an extended lion .

During the convoy of  Western Javanes art , the child will be raised by the artificial lion ‘s  body  .  Then   the children who  are celebrating will be taken around an area where they  live .   It is  also intended   that  local residents will know that the child has circumcised  .

So  far ,  the tradition of sisins has still been preserved to be celebrated as a moment in the child ‘s life .      You  can also participate in  maintaining culture when you have  a specific celebration .   In this way ,  as long as the form of tradition on the side does not decrease from people ‘s lives  .

Angkolong music art is one of the regional instruments

Looking at  time according to the timeline  ,  field performance forms are certainly present in a variety of ways  .   In  the previous discussion , you  have begun  to learn about The Wing Goal and Sisingan , for example  .  But this time  , the art of music  is also very closely related to the Western Javanes artistic culture   .

Music has always been  created  to enjoy the  sound of songs as a recreation in the lives of local residents  .  Different  musical  instruments will be played at the same time so that they can make a beautiful sound to enjoy  .   Many  residents think that life without music feels that  there  is a lack  of beauty color  .

When you  know the art of music in the West Java region , of course you   are  no stranger to  Angling .  This kind of instrument  always   seems to be music in the recreation of citizens  .   Usually , Angkling  can be found in Gamelan to make a unique sound as a musical decoration  .

Angkling   is made of bambo that is arranged in such a way that it is able to make sounds when it is vibration  .   To  play  this West Javanes  art instrument ,  it only needs one hand to move quickly  .   In  general , english  players are once made up of many people to make a variety of sounds .

Because Anglong  is a musical instrument , it means that it has a tone  when  it is played properly .   You can  learn   English  and bring it to modern music because it has a clear voice  .   In other words , angking  has always been kept in music in modern times  .

Horse exit is a favorite culture and show

Discussing  other public  headlines , of course , cannot be separated from the presence of horses because of their reputation  .    Basically ,  horse  swimming  is a dance that has  a special way  of performing  .    From the past until  now ,  this kind of heat has always been sought after and is still  at the request of the people .

The  Western Javanes art dance  , called Koda  Lomping  , is once made up of many elements in the presentation of H Iboran .   Starting  with the musician and the music player ,  it has its role to make the show interesting  .  This  traditional  event is unique in the scenes performed by dancers  .

At first ,  The Diluents will perform a special order as the opening of the event when the music  has begun . When ready , the members will  start their movements by riding horses  made  of special web  binges .    Within a few moments , the rejections  were captured and dangerous scenes were performed at the core   of the show .

Usually , the assistant  starts to give glass and lamps for the reincarne when it  is eaten .  Although  the scene is very  dangerous , it will  not be  the  least injured during the rejection site  .  In fact ,   logically , it should be putative to  endanger the  redundant body when experiencing  the part .

According to  local traditions  , the science of innocence has been learned by the rejecters and has gained  strength when  it  has been achieved  .   However ,    horse  stalling is still  famous and  capable of entertaining  the public  .  In  this way , the  art of West Javanes will never diminish the traditions of vegetation from ancestors  .