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Recipe for Western Java  Bajigur  Body Heating Drink

Entering the rainy season  as   it is today, it is most convenient  to make  resep bajigur drinks typical of Western Java to keep the body warm.   For people in West  Java and its surroundings, they must be familiar with bajigur drinks.   This drink, which is rich in ginger, is really in great demand because it can warm the body.

Although native to Bandung,  West  Java  , bajigur has also been popular in various regions of the archipelago,  especially on the island of Java.   Bajigur is a hot drink made from ginger,  coconut milk, brown  sugar and vanilla.   This traditional Western   Javadrink is usually sold at night to keep warm.

Bajigur is very popular in Bandung and its surroundings who have a cold  recoil.   The content of ginger contained  in  this likeness is really able to warm the body so that  it is suitable for the time in the city of flowers.   This drink is usually served with a variety of stews such as boiled umi, corn on corn and also boiled bananas.

Nowadays, finding a typical West Javanese beverage vendor  is no longer difficult as many vendors travel around every night. However,  if you want to be more stable, you can make this warm drink yourself at home.   The recipe for this Western Javanese bajigur drinker is not complicated.   For more details about the recipe and how to make it, see the following reviews:

Ingredients and how to make a delicious Bajigur

Making this Western Javanese drink isn’t really hard.   There are also not too many necessary materials so that anyone can definitely make it. If you are interested in making this hot drink, here is the recipe and how to make it:

Ingredients in resep bajigur drink typical of Western Java :

  1. Đumbir 2 cm
  2. 5 liters of coconut milk comes  from one coconut kernel
  3. Cimet 3 cm
  4. Brown sugar 260 grams, comb
  5. Pandan leaves 2 pieces
  6. Mlevena kafa 1 tbsp
  7. Granulirani šećer 1 tbsp
  8. So 1/2 tsp
  9. Kolang-kaling po ukusu

Steps to making a  bajigur drink recipe typical of Western Java:

  1. Prepare the pan and boil 1.5 liters of coconut milk. In the coconut milk stew add the leaves  of counterparts, granulated  sugar and brown sugar.   Stir the coconut milk stew gently until  it boils so it doesn’t spoil.
  2. After boiling and mixing, put the ginger that has burned and remove the skin in the coconut milk stew.  Also add cinnamon, ground coffee and salt.   Cook until all the ingredients are well mixed and cooked.
  3. Let it stand for a while until the coffee settles, then pour it into a cup or glass. To make it more noticeable add slices of kaling kolang and serve while it’s warm.   Serve with a variety of cooked food and wedang bajigur ready to enjoy.

The history of Bajigur drinks you need to know

Bajigur is a traditional drink originating from Priang, West  Java. The beginning  of the wedang bajigur was the habit of farmers  who  often cooked palm sugar with lukewarm water before going to the rice fields.   In addition, it developed and combined with coconut water and ginger  so that  it became the wedang bajigur it is today.

The raspberries originally added  warm sugar water with ginger and coconut milk.   Who would have thought that a hot drink was in great demand until it was finally known as bajigur. From here, the recipe for the Western Javanese Bajigur drink is known as a typical Western Javanese beverage  that  is very  popularly consumed  to warm the body.

In the 1990s, bajigur was sold by swordsmen by pushing him.   These beverage vendors are mainly sold at night because this  drink is very effective for warming up the night time in Bandung, which is notoriously cold.   Over time, the merchants of Wedang bajigur became more  numerous and spread beyond the West Java region  .

Bajigur is known for its sweet taste with warm sensomand ginger .  Added with slices of kolang-kaling makes this drink even tastier.   In addition to drinking    at night, West Java people  also often drink it in the morning before starting activities. It is believed that it can   increase endurance and energy for work.

Difference between Bajigur and Bandrek

Some people still consider Bajigur to be the same as bandrek. Although the recipe  for bajigur drink is typical for Western Java with bandrek very different.   Invisible – bandrek has a clearer shape while bajigur is cloudier because it is added with coconut milk.

Bandrek is made from decoding ginger  as well as brown sugar.   Some spices such as cinnamon,  cloves,  composite leaves and pepper are usually added to keep the body warm.   Bandrek boiled water has a coke-latcolor with a rather strong ginger aroma.   Bandrek is usually served with young coconut meat and can also be added with sweetened condensed milk.

Meanwhile, bajigur is mainly made from palm sugar and  coconut milk which is then added with ginger and a few more spices. If  bandrek has a clear cokeelat color then bajigur is more concentrated because it has extra coconut milk.   This drink  is usually served with  kolang-kaling slices with fried  friends or boiled bananas.

Although both contain ginger and come from West Java, the recipe for  Western Javanese bajigur and bandrek drinks is very different.   Therefore, if you visit the city of flowers, do not go wrong in calling these two kinds of warm mink man.   However, these two species have the same advantages, more precisely they can  both warm the body and increase endurance.

Benefits   of Bajigur drinks forhealth

Bajigur drink is not only delicious to enjoy, but also has many benefits for the body.   The content of ginger in this  typical bajigur drink recipe from Western Java is able to warm the body in winter.   Not only that, but there are many  other benefits of this drink, which is very famous in the city of Bandung.

It is believed that R esep bajigur drink typical of Western Java can   also  get rid of the symptoms of flu, especially nasal congestion  and colds.   Not  only  that, but it is believed that the content of ginger  and other spices contained in the drink is able to increase endurance and prevent  blood  cholesterol levels.   Some people also believe that Bajigur is able to prevent obesity.

It is  also  believed that the ginger content contained in this like ness is good for the health and beauty of  the skin.   It is also believed that some digestive problems are solved by drinking this western Javanese vedang. Therefore, it is not surprising that this drink is increasingly popular because it is not only delicious, but also has many benefits for the body and health.

In the midst of a pandemic like today,     it’s very important to maintain  endurance to stay fit. One of the ingredients   that is believed  to increase endurance well is ginger.

In addition to  being delicious, bajigur also has a number of benefits for the body, especially increasing n endurance and preventing flu symptoms  .  In addition to being able  to process  yourself into ginger wedang, making r esep bajigur drink typical of Java Barat may also be a  recommendation for you to try.

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