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Reasons asus Service Center Bekasi Unable to provide warranty

Asus Service Center in Bekasi is one of the steps that ASUS has taken to serve its Bekasi customers. Asus products that permeate all Indonesian cities will asus continue to develop services for all cities equally. Bekasi, one of the largest cities in Indonesia, is one of the many others that have ASUS service centers.

One of the main tasks of the service center is to make repairs. There are other activities besides making improvements, such as answering questions of the consumer, explainingthe problems of the customer, or helping customerswhen they are experiencing technical problems. When renovating an official service position, you can get a warranty.

But there are a few things you need to know about guaranteeing, one of which is that all types of damage cannot be checked. It can only be promised a loss incurred certain losses. It is done by the manufacturer of the product clearly to make the customer not cheat on the warranty of the product it provides.

If any kind of injury can be guaranteed obviously customerscan easily commit fraud. For example, saja, a customer slams his phone until he is injured and then requests a guarantee to getn new phones. Such a thing will obviously make the company lose money. For those of you who have Asus equipment, obviously you need to know what kinds of losses cannot be guaranteed by the official Asus service.

Address Asus Service Center Bekasi

In Bekasi, there are a few ASUS service centers spread across several locations. Asus seems too serious to pay attention to Bekasi’s clients. It has been proven that there are at least one Asus Service Centers and three Asus Authorized Service Partners. Complete address Asus Service Center  Bekasi in Ruko Mega Kalimalang, Kavling 8 No. 9 Jl. Jl. KH Noer Alie, Pekayon Jaya, RT 03/07, Bekasi 17148, West Java.

To connect with him could be through 1500 128 which is open Monday through Saturday. Monday through Friday works from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. As on Saturdays, it works from 19:30 to 12:00. There is no service on Sundays. One of the Asus Companies of Bekasi Service Partnerships with the sun  City Square  address is located at Ruko Sun Square City Blok A 30, Jl. M. Hasibuan, Marga Jaya, South Bekasi.

You may not know the difference between Asus Service Center and Asus Authorized Service Partner. So the difference between those two is the administration. If  the Asus Service Center Bekasi is run by Asus itself while Asus Authorized Service Partner. However, asus Authorized Service Partner is an official partner of Asus. So the quality of the service is the same so there is no difference.

Labada kale ee Asus Authorized Service Partners Bekasi, cinwaanka waa in Mal Lipo Cikarang Ground Floor Unit 26-27, Jalan Moh. H. Thamrin, Cibatu, South Cikarang iyo Square, Shophouse Complex, Jalan Duqa Magaalada Madmuin Hasibuan No.30, RT.004 / RW.002, Marga Jaya, Kota Bekasi, West Java 17141.

Types of Damage That Can’t Be Changed

As already statedbefore nyes otherwise all losses can be justified. At The Asus  service  centre in Bekasi, it is guaranteed only for certain losses. Warranties can only be made as long as it is within a warranty period with normal use. Warranties can also be made in the event that a defective product is due to equipment or work.

Here are some, the first is vandalism that has been achieved but has been reorganized by another party or externally.   The warranty seal has been damaged or replaced. Accidentsare caused by accidents, natural disasters, misuse, violence, neglect or unpreventional or non-routine use. Kerulah is caused by a disturbance in the supply of power sources or accident.

In addition to the above, there are still other quality reasons whythe product cannot be arranged. The reason is a loss caused by the use of operation or storage beyond the limitations set out in the Guidelines for Application. Kis caused by the use of computer devices thatare not manufactured or sold by ASUSTeK. Damage to or loss of programs, data or media that can be put on storage, or other costs of recovering data or apps. And damage to third-party software or viruses.

Things to Pay Attention to When Making Warranty

What you need to know is that when you’ve brought your product to Asus Service Center Bekasi it doesn’t mean you’ll definitely get a warranty. The service center reserves the right to check the accuracy of the warranty. If lies or sedition are found, no warranty can be made.

So, don’t think of a cheat to get a guarantee. Because you’ll pass thefirst pro ses checking.  In that case, the service center is not  responsible for keeping personal data on items repaired. So if there is personal data that should not be noticed by others, it must first be checked.

The service center is not liable in the event of damage or damage or the occurrence of data, programming or storage media that may remove it. You should be paying attention to this, before moving the items to the service center. It would be nice to first back it up with important data about the device. That is very important to avoid avoiding the loss of important data.

Xarunta Adeegga Asus Bekasi Service

Like other asus Service Center cities Bekasi has a good service. That’s been the hallmark of the Asus Emblem for a long time. Asus always prioritizes the comfort of its customers. In nearly every city, service at the asus service center always receives  a good rating from the public.

The staff at the Bekasi service station are very friendly and communicators. In addition, the staff working there are informed. Employees are able to give a good description of asus products. When if you have any questions about Asus stuff, you can just come over to ask. For the employeewill gladly answer every  question n you give.

So you will definitely feel uncomfortable if you are in a dirty place. Asus quiet service center has always kept clean space. There is no exception to bekasi’s service station. In a clean and scented area, it will make you not feel bored quickly. When you can marvel at Theus products comfortably.

So, if you have a complaint or problems with your device, you don’t have to be confused anymore. Just come to the nearest service station, the service will in fact be very satisfying. You don’t have to withdraw because the service center alwaysgives the bestto every customer.

Also the service center has a proper layout approach to the queue . When you don’t have to worry about the queue being attacked. Typically, the Asus service center has an easy-to-go area. This isthe asus’ process that makes customers able to easily arrive at the service center.

There is somethingto be known about when reaching the Asus service station in the pat during the pandemic. You should look at medical procedures. Because asus implements rigorous medical procedures in all service centers. Also at the ASUS Service Center Bekasi.

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