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 The most complete list of Samsung service centers  in  all of Indonesia

The  list of Samsung service centers across  Indonesia should never be separated from the maintenance requirements of electronic goods. All Samsung electronic products definitely have sustainability for a certain period of time during the period of use. Over time, it certainly needs special care so that the performance and performance can return to normal.

In fact, the use of products with electronic machine systems is currently something that the community needs. Moreover, the presence of a smartphone aka smartphone actually helps in making various activities more practical. Thanks to the smartphones introduced to the people, it brings many such amazing changes.

Given the significant value of the presence of this type of mobile phone, it should be treated to the maximum extent possible. If there is a loss, it definitely lowers your performance while doing certain daily activities. So, you have to keep running all kinds of activities by fixing your phone first.

Because of something like this, recommendations are required to provide information related to the location of the product’s repair. For those of you who want to replace spare parts, you can go to the nearest service outlet. Undoubtedly,  the  following list  of Samsung service centers throughout  Indonesia can be used when you are looking for its location.

Exclusive mobile phone product repair outlets around Jakarta

When a customer purchases a mobile phone from his authorized company’s store, without a doubt, all his products have a warranty period. This guarantee is provided by the brand to maintain the quality of products sold against loss. If there is a problem with the smartphone, then of course the warranty can be claimed according to the official evidence.

Everyone must have understood the existence of an official service space provided by the company as well. Apart from this, Samsung’s product name  is already at the top of the ranking when it comes to smartphone devices. So, now you just need to find information related to the location and location of the official outlets according to the company’s website.

If you wish to use the warranty, please visit the authorized outlet that has been officially registered. For customers who are in the Jakarta area, without a doubt, there are several references to the location of the outlets.  According to the official website,  there is  a  list  of  Samsung service centers across  Indonesia, especially for the Jabodetabek region.

  1. Mall Ambassador
  2. Pacific Place
  3. P.G.C. Silliton
  4. ITC. Sempaka Mass
  5. Roxy
  6. ITC. Fatmavati
  7. Green Lake Sutter Shophouse
  8. Kelapa Gading
  9. Manga Dua Square
  10. Pondok Indah
  11. Rukan Fantasy Zakbar
  12. Crybaby
  13. Supermall Karvasi
  14. Sarpong
  15. DePock Town Square
  16. Mega Mal Becci
  17. Pajajaran Bogor

Some of the above quotes can be used as a reference if you want to repair and maintain your smartphone immediately. This can be realised by the use of a warranty that is still in the validity period as per the purchase. Therefore, all of the above information will be used as a guide for you when you are in that area.

Official repair site for Java Island outside Jakarta

Earlier, the   list  of Samsung service centers in Indonesia around Jabodetabek  was discussed at several places  . Following these quotes, surely everyone can breathe a sigh of relief as a user of their mobile phone products. Because, in the nearby area, an official repair shop is already available to restore the phone in case of a problem.

  1. West Java: BEC Mall (Istana Bandang Electronic Center), Bandang, Silivangi Tsikmalaya, Silidag Garut
  2. Central Java: Tegal, Purvokarto, Semrang, Simpang Lima, Jogjatronics, Kaliurang Yogayakarta, Solo Grand Mall
  3. East Java: Malang Plaza, WTC Surabaya, Hi-Tech Mall Surabaya, Plaza Marina Surabaya, Probolinggo, Jamber

Depending on the reference location, it can be understood that almost every city has branches for smartphone service. Try searching via the internet to understand the information about the location closest to the service. Maybe,  the location has not been entered in Samsung’s official website   , although it is already working.

Still in the Java Island region, of course, there is an affordable service space from the big cities. This means that there is no more difficulty for you to get the maintenance of the phone using the warranty at the time of purchase. Even though the warranty has expired, it is given at a price depending on the level of damage.

From the  list  of Samsung service centers across  Indonesia, it can be seen that the quality of its products is maintained. The company always makes the best efforts so that all customers remain satisfied and loyal. Therefore, the entire coverage area of Java Island is already available at many locations from the official repair center.

 Full list of official Samsung outlets outside Java

Continuing the discussion focused on the status of the outlets, it turned out that there were branches outside Java as well. From now on, equality has been expanded to get services so as to be accessed by everyone. Especially for the people of the regions, they definitely want to get the best service for mobile phones according to the ownership.

Solid evidence of this is worth seeing in relation to the widely available repair services. There  is a list  of Samsung service centers across Indonesia for regions outside Java for integrated services  . The following will mention a few locations related to  Samsung outlets  outside Java for repair  needs.

  1. Bali: Danpasar Teukku Omar, Danpasar Mahendradata, Danpasar Gallery Mobile Phone
  2. Lombok: Mataram West Nusa Tenggara
  3. Sulawesi: Makassar MTC Krebosi, Makassar Petrani, Palu Baski Rahmat, Kendri Sarnani
  4. Kalimantan: Yoss Sudarso Tarkan, Hasan Basri Samarindra, Sudirman Balikapapan, General Yurip Pontianak, Ahmad i.e. Banjarmasin, Tzilik Rivut Palangkaria, Singhwang
  5. Sumatra: Bandar Lampung, Palembang Square Mall, East Palembang Illir, Rafflesia Bangkulu, Jambi, Padang, Plaza Maiden Mela, Plaza Maiden Millennium, Gato Subroto Maiden, Leung Bata Banda Aceh, Pangkal Pinang, Raden Pattah Batam, Ruko Tutam

Based on data from the list of Samsung service centers across  Indonesia, almost on large islands, it is already available. For the future, the company will definitely make maximum efforts so that the services are comprehensive across the space. So, you still get the best service whether you are at the west or east end.

Types of services Samsung Repair Center provide

Becoming a customer for Samsung’s products is, of course, the right choice because the quality is the best. Not only is the product the best, but service service should also be your calculation. Because, the company is able to support the status of the damaged smartphone, it can return to its original position.

Therefore, it is no surprise if a lot of people ask about what services will be availed later.  According to information from the  list  of Samsung service centers across  Indonesia, you can use the warranty. If you meet the requirements in accordance with the terms of the warranty, all phone repairs will be declared free.

You don’t have to spend money as you are still in the warranty period as per the company’s guarantee. However, if you no longer have a warranty, you can still serve at a fixed cost. Starting with the repair and replacement of screens, sensors, cameras, processors, speakers, microphones, etc.

All types of services will be made fast and of maximum quality so that the phone can be reused. All the data in the smartphone is definitely safe and impossible to lose when repaired. In fact, a lot of people have tried for themselves  what it’s like to use the most complete service from Samsung.

In short,  all your needs regarding mobile phone products from  Samsung can definitely be met at the nearest outlet. Make sure you visit one of the above lists as it has been recognised by the official website. In this way, please adjust the list of Samsung Service Centers  throughout Indonesia  according to  your current location  .

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