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LG group is the largest company in Korea that already produces electronics and telecommunications, where LG service center Jakarta.  Its headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea. LG has approximately 149 branches around the world including Indonesia. LG itself produces a variety of electronic products, ranging from home appliances to gadgets today.

You know, that LG has entered the ranks of 100 brands that have the power to dominate. But even though it has become a large company LG itself sometimes has shortcomings that must be known.

But even so because it always tries to be the best in the electronic world, so many advantages are able to make LG bran able to compete with other products in an increasingly advanced world like now.

Advantages and disadvantages of lg electronic brand

Lg’s advantage is, being one of the companies with the largest and strong financial resources. LG has provided a wide range of products in all categories and has always focused on its technology and quality.

LG already has investors with high confidence and loyalty in the LG group. The branding market is already very wide and even reaches Asia and the world. For electronic products such as smartphones can already be proven that it can last a long time.

The target market is also wide, ranging from the middle to the top, the product has followed the development of modern technology. So don’t be surprised LG is a brand that has many enthusiasts in various circles.

There is a customer LG service center Jakarta that fast response provides the best service for every consumer who has complaints or needs a solution. There is even a warranty on every product that experiences problems, so consumers always feel safe using the LG brand.

LG Electronics is a company that already has branch offices anywhere. So it will always provide services to customers who want to communicate slim. So that you as a consumer will not feel difficulty when getting obstacles.

LG electronics has several products that have not been able to compete with other competitors such as smartphones. The main cause is its executive form and is less interested in some circles, especially teenagers.

The smartphone even has a fairly high price, so that people who have not been able to afford it such as students or students choose other brands. Even the marketing on the smartphone is not right on target.

But still, LG electronics has gone further and is liked by many people in several other electronic products such as TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, or washing machines. Even LG has become the world’s best television manufacturer because it is full of advantages.

Even LG has several slogans such as “the best” or “the first” in the electronic world. After the successful production of radios, LG further developed a variety of products ranging from air conditioners to refrigerators.

LG is a company that always has innovations such as releasing the latest products every year. They have big targets and always keep the market stable or soar high. If you need help or communicate with customer care, you can go to LG service center Jakarta.

Development of LG Electronics Company inthe International Realm

Lg’s electronics business has even grown to the world with a variety of products. Lg first appeared in Indonesia in 1990. To strengthen its sales strategy in Indonesia, LG Electronics has even collaborated with LG Electronics in 2006.

Even now LG in Indonesia already has two factories that produce domestic products in Cibitung and Tangerang. The factory produces several products such as computer monitors and televisions. While in tangerang factory, they produce refrigerators or refrigerators.

LG products are even known by many people in Indonesia. Not only for the needs in Indonesia, the two factories have produced products for the international market. they have LG service center Jakarta to provide the best solution.

In an effort to develop its products in the country, LG company had made a quiz that aired on private television in 2000-2004. The acara named digital LG prima is a careful smart quiz that has many enthusiasts in its day.

LG has even employed many of the largest employees in various dozens of branch offices in Indonesia. We even have LG customer service center Jakarta which ensures that consumers are always a top priority.

LG Electronics Successfully Implements Targeted Market Strategy

Lg has had great success in facing market challenges in several developing countries such as Russia, Asia, and the Middle East. A few years ago the economic situation in Asia and the world declined or was full of uncertainty, but LG managed to stick with its best strategies.

First, he said, companies will improve the way to sell the products or items they offer such as LED TVs, twin wash washing machines, instaview refrigerators through the ACtivities brand that has a big impact, such as the creative and sports industries.

One of them is a South Korean boy band, BTS became a brand ambassador and boosted the LG brand. Especially their goal is the millennial generation. Lg’s chief executive said the company has bigger targets every year, particularly in employee effectiveness, capacity and efficiency.

They have already studied case studies and will spread the spirit of victory to adjust the market situation in various countries. LG electronics wants to provide many benefits and a spirit of victory through its products. They have a great commitment to become number one in Asia and the world with several strategies.

So LG did start the business in 1985 by a man named in hwoi-koo with the name goldstar. His first products were radio, refrigerator, TV, washing machine, na ac. In the 1960s the company expanded its business area in various countries.

Two years later, in 1962, goldstar radio products reached large markets such as the United States. The goldstar radio product is the first radio created by south Korea.

A few years later, precisely 1962 goldstar has been increasingly advanced and developed and taken over by koo cha kyun. Then the name was changed to lucky. The name was eventually merged into lucky and goldstar, eventually ending with LG or short for both in 1980.

Contact LG Service Center Jakarta toGet a Solution

When using the new name, LG Electronics developed its business in the international world such as Europe and Asian countries. For mobile phone products themselves were only produced in 1997, precisely in 2000 they finally released smartphone products to the market.

There are many telephone models from LG Service Center Jakarta that are issued and gradually develop them following the sophistication of the times. At that time LG had 2 communication systems such as cdma and gsm. Even in 2003, LG managed to become the top cdma manufacturer.

LG Electronics company already has several branches of offices in Indonesia. Every office is certainly equipped with maximum service for consumers. You can contact LG’s customer service center in Jakarta to get help or solutions at the following number. You can ask questions or difficulties through social media such as email or live chat.

You can even give criticism and supportive advice through their website. Never worry, because jakarta service center service for customers will always run every day. LG wants to provide satisfaction and comfort for its loyal customers. You can visit LG service center Jakarta at the following number 14010.

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