Information that can be found on the official DBS website : Polibatam

Most complete DBS information and contact center iWesbite official

Understand the importance of accessing the dbbc ‘s most complete information and call centre that can be found by the customer  .  This is a concern to understand the mission of development together and have a good relationship with the customer .  The ease and access to customer service information is one way to get rid of our priorities .

As a bank created and raised in Asia , of course , it already knows how the market and those challenges will face . No wonder it is easy to adjust to different circumstances and conditions to survive . This always makes us interested in continuing to improve quality and service .

This includes providing services by using the website as a hub for information and latest information . You can briefly find different information about savings or loans . It even provided telephone services with CS to make it easy to get information as needed .

  DBS Group Review in  Indonesia

Discussing the full information of the DBBC and the call centre is incomplete if you  do not know the profile . DBBC is particularly a well-known financial services group in the Asian region . At the hands of its centre in Singapore , there are currently more than 18 markets whose development is very interesting .

DBS was first established in 1968 as a financial institution under singapore ‘s official government . Mature, of course, the trip is not easy to take until it continues. Experience and changes make DBS more professional and reliable when it is still encountered.

Winning many awards from countries ‘ confessions in Asia is highly recognized and trusted by DBBC customers . Our commitment to maintaining good relations with customers continues to develop innovatively . As well as focusing on socio-economic development to improve people ‘s standards of life , especially in Asia .

Continue the quality of services following the development of information technology . We provide the fullest information from the DBC and the call centre that  can be accessed by customers on the official website . Now the information that is transmitted  is increasingly open because of technology to provide easy service to all customers wherever they are .

Information that can be found on the official DBS website

The most complete information from the DBBC and the call centre is actually very easy at this time because everything is on the official website . Just see the website  address  then you will find the information you need . If you don’t really have much time , please see a brief explanation of the following specifications .

  1. Information about DBS

There is a feature that provides information about DBS in an opinion , including its first date of establishment . You can also read information about awards and identification . The first feature includes other information , such as about management and the commissioners ‘ line as director of the DbS Bank .

  1. Investment Information

Regarding the importance of the nv store ‘s role , we provide information about investors on website pages . Financial statements are always updated so that they can be monitored freely from different types of monthly reports . Other reports are available , such as the website ‘s governance , annual report and the price of interest from year to year .

  1. News Room

There is a news room feature on the official DBS website that provides the most complete information and call centre . You can find the latest news about DBS , as well as awards and other general information . Most of the news is presented in English because it is actually not only as an Asian bank in Indonesia .

  1. DBS Foundation

We pay close attention to social impact , especially in Asia , to continue social and economic development . Through the DBS foundation , it is easy to improve business through cooperation with many parties . As well as establishing a similar development programme in different countries such as Indonesia , China and Hong Kong through cooperation with SMEs .

Selection of product types offered by Digibank by DBS

DJ Bank provides a great selection of products by DBS , both loans and investments for customers . You can get the most complete DBS information about the product  and the call center  on the website .  The following is a brief description of the product that can be used as a picture of potential customers of the Digital Bank .

  1. Spam

Customers today do not need to open a savings account because it can make them happy without coming or signing . Using a debit card you can remove cash per ATM without an administrative fee . There is also maxi savings , which are very high in profit , and double the yield .

  1. Credit Card

Digi Bank also provides credit card products that provide easy transactions anywhere . The security of credit card transactions is very high , which we pay attention to is not very difficult with the guarantee of fees or supplies . Enjoy credit card services by choosing which are appropriate to your needs and where there is a sajjad for up to 60 months .

  1. investments

We offer DbS a variety of investment options for a specified time with Digi Bank , including :

  1. Reserves at an interest rate of 4.5% in the domain .
  2. Interest border reserves reach 5% per year .
  3. Different band options start from Rp . 1,000,000, – to adjust to this pocket.
  4. Pour

Contact our services for  full DBS information and 24-hour open loans .

  1. KTA online credit is very easy because of online application , cheap interest and rapid liquidation .
  2. Cashipur products are suitable for planning holidays or killing money without any time .
  3. KTA up to 300 million .
  4. Don’t give it to him

It is easy to feel felt by customers using the DJ Bank . Transfers are easy at any time either for business purposes or for family purposes to send funds . What else is free to transfer to some countries such as Hong Kong , Singapore , the United States , Canada and others .

24-hour DBSI customer care service  for Indonesian customers

Customer  comfort is an important thing that is always considered a long-term investment .   So we are always  open to  any information and  the  most complete DBS call centre that can be accessed by the customer  .  You can use  dbbca   customer care services for  24 hours every day without any days off .

  1. First way

Call the Customer Centre 080 415 00 327 or +6221 298 52 888 specifically outside Indonesia . The lost card must be dilated by the customers of the DBS credit card or the loan number #سره the end . While Digibank Press 3, if there is no information as mentioned please 9.

  1. Second way

If the customer does not force a number , it can continue by connecting to the service of the customer service officer . This trick can only be used to connect to customer services 1 to provide credit card information . Press 2 to talk to customer services who provide information about loan services from DBS .

As the best bank in  Asia  , we provide open information on the official website to access this online. Full information about us has been provided , a variety of specifications and service products for customers.  Get  the most complete information on our website and the call centre  on  our website  .

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