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KPRBCA feels a dream of owning a house with low interest

Many now believe that owning a house will be harder because the price of land is rising dramatically, so a house thinks only wishfully for some people. However , kprbca feels your dream to get a comfortable and convenient place to live

So the key to the difficulty of getting a house can be destroyed. KPRBCA understands that workers’ incomes are not very suitable for rising land and house prices It certainly makes it difficult for people to buy their dreams home.

Therefore, KPRBCA provides a solutionto providea suitable residential area. Using the KPR system, housing offered by the BCA will be paidmonthlyor credited. BCA first requests the building that will then be sold to consumers.

Of course, the payment credit system doesn’t burden consumers, so home loans are now very popular and one way to have a comfortable residence without big capital.

However, KPRBCA feels your dream of owning a house with all its benefits compared to other KP. The following are reasons why you need to choose KPR BCA as a solution to get a safe, comfortable and convenient place.

Elements in the KPR system

Before you talk more about real estate rights in BCA banks,  you need to know the important elements that always exist in the real estate world. This is an explanation for you:

  1. Down Parhadan

The following payment is the money given to the developer before it starts paying in installments, which is one of the most trusted necessities. The item can be arranged for each KPR item.

  1. Last permission

Limit the time of your g-suran home. The principle is that the longer the last permission is, the smaller the number of monthly installments. However, the shorter the last time you are arrested, the larger the monthly installments you need to give.

  1. Interest

The profit price is an additional benefit that is charged to the user except for the main interest. Interest rates always increase per year, so you must choose a rein at a low profit rate.

For example , the BCA only puts a profit rate of less than 10 percent . This is one of  the  KPRBCA’s agendas to know the dreams of Bani AK  people who want to have a sheltered pat

  1. Khankari Behuanamea

This change in the certificate is closely related to the right to own a home. When the house is not removed, the certificate granted is the right to use the building (HGB). But when your house is paid, you must then change the certificateto a Property Rights Certificate (SHM).

  1. Income

Income is your private  income in a month. Because this is one of the requirements for your housing application, you must have a stable income.

سوودەکانی  KPR BCA

BCA Bank is not the only bank that provides real estate loans to its customers , but it benefits more than its competitors . These benefits benefit customers greatly, here are the benefits of KPBCA:

  1. There is no punishment.

The penalty here is a penalty imposed by the bank when the customer wants to pay the remaining bill before the last license The amount of punishment you have to pay is 1% of the remaining debts. This is certainly very harmful to you .

On that basis, KPRBCA feels your dream of being able  to pay for your home faster and unpunished. So, you can feel safe not to worry.

  1. interest rates for free for three years

The price of profit is something that annoys most of Rahn’s customers Because, the value is too big and has no effect on you. Unlike KPRBCA , which does not charge profit prices for three years

Even after three years , Baka’s real estate rates are very low and don’t load

  1. Pedawistiye Asanihkan

Basic necessities are very easy to get. If you are a businessman, a business is set up for at least two years.

However, if you are an employee, you must have at least two years of swimming experience and work in a new office for one year. According to his intention, the KPRBCA felt everyone’s dreams safely  .

  1. Bao Hapkhkarawi Sihlmnrao

It’s no secret , if bca bank is a bank that almost never sees major problems . This is what makes it widely trusted by all circles. Therefore , by buying KPRBCA , you don’t have to worry about damage .

  1. Quick Approval

From app process to approval, KPR BCA is famous for its extent and does not have a long way to go. Therefore, the approval process is too fast.

How to claim real estate at BCA Bank

The mortgage application procedure in this bank is not very complicated, and you will be fully guided by the bank’s employee.  KPRBCA felt its customers’ dreams in an easy process , called

  1. Amadehkurdni FilePiysthakan

File completion is one of the main requirements for a real estate application. Files are usually notified by the relevant bank employee.

  1. Visit BCA Bank

After all files are finished, you must come directly to the bank for the trust program process.  You  will be instructed by the relevant officer about other steps.

After you provide the file and complete after each step, the bank will be protected for a while. They will return  with  you when the process is complete.

Benefits if you use  the KPR system

Although the price of a house with a real estate system is more expensive than what  you buy in cash, itfeels lighter because it is given to a red one, on the other hand, kPRCA felt  everyone’s dream of owning a home, because it benefits the KPR system greatly.

  1. The payment feels bright becauseof diane meals that are less different if you buy money that requires spending hundreds of millions of dollars, and it certainly feels difficult.
  2. Suran can be rearranged with monthly earnings . This is because KPRBCA does not intend to burden its customers .
  3. Fortunately, when a g-family is finished, the price of the building will continue to rise.
  4. It can be used to invest with low capital to make your house agreement until it is So you don’t  have to pay because it’s paid for by the tenant.

KFR tricks can be easily accepted

Although it is relatively easy to ask for a home, the decision to accept is very difficult because the bank must be very careful not to be harmed in the future. For those who want real estate quickly, then we have a trick.

  1. Choose a house in installments based on your income.
  2. Make sure your career is in a stable stage, because this is the main factor in deciding.
  3. Make sure the file is given to the bank.
  4. Make sure you don’t have any other installments. Because if you have another installment, the chances of receiving it will be too small.
  5. Apply for trust as you can.

A kpbca-related team finds that dreams are certainly very useful and useful. That’s because the bank has benefits because it provides other banks with money .

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