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West Javan chicken recipe in Gemin Enk

Having a taste of tasty soup makes people want to make chicken opor from West Java, so the results of their dishes taste the same to try the typical West Java chicken opor recipe  that will be explained in this article  .

West Java is a tasty food warehouse that is effective in creating increased appetite. In addition to its beautiful scenery, it turns out that West Java has a variety of food types, one of which is chicken. It is usually a very common dish served during the Fetter Eid celebration.

However, nowadays many people serve opor chicken during weekdays as the main food. Well, if you’re interested in making processed food made from chicken, you should know the recipe for the West Javan opor chicken but before that, know in advance the tips for good food choices.

Tips for choosing good food

Making your own food at home is one way to maintain health. Currently, there are many containers on the outside that are guaranteed cleanliness. Of course, this can have a bad impact on your health and that of your family. Opening it after eating feels perfect and delicious even stomach pains that come because the food is not clean.

To make food at home, there are also a number of things you need to pay attention to, i.e. in terms of food. Health problems can also come from cooking yourself because of the wrong ingredient choices of good quality. So know the tips for choosing food.

  1. Opt for fresh vegetables

The first tip is that when choosing food from vegetables you need to choose good quality vegetables. To see the vegetable is still fresh or it cannot be seen from its color and in some places it is avoided rotting.


  1. Pay attention to the choice of chicken meat

To make chicken with   a typical Javanese chicken recipe, the choice of chicken meat should be very noticeable, choosing a meat that smells fresh or no bad smell, tek net chewy meat, no water content, and not pale meat color .


  1. Pay attention to the selection of the season

The season is important to taste the dishes better. Choose good quality spices without white patches. The white patches in the spice can indicate that the spice is of poor quality because the stains are moldy.


  1. Attention to food cleanliness

The last thing you need to pay attention to is the cleanliness of the material. Rinse the food first using hot water. Make sure to store food in a place that is not clean, store them in the dericeer so that the quality of the food is maintained.

West Java Chicken Oper Recipe

Chicken opor is a processed food that is loved by all circles. Processed food from combining the taste of chicken meat and savory soup mixed with coconut milk makes everyone who eats it feel like a combination of distinctive and delicious dishes.

Almost all regions have a variety of opor chicken dishes, including in West Java. Almost West Java has cold air temperatures so this opor chicken is very suitable for warming up the body. If you want to  make this dish, here is a recipe for west Java chicken opor for  4 servings.

Ingredients to be prepared:

  1. Chicken meat is one kilogram or adapted to needs.
  2. Moderate water.
  3. 350 ml thick coconut milk and 450 liquid coconut milk.
  4. Prepare orange leaves as well as bay leaves.
  5. One of the lemon and galngal sequences that has been Gaperk.
  6. Salt as well as sugar to taste.
  7. Good spices from the piz as well as white, walnut, besinz, cheetah, ginger, and turtle.

How to make a typical West Java Chicken opor recipe:

The first step is to wash the meat in advance and other ingredients completely. By washing all the ingredients first, you can maintain the quality of the food properly and of course healthy. Make sure you wash it using hot water.

Boil the chicken first and then see the boiled water away. Next, stir in the spices to spread the aroma that gives the appetite. After the good spices that have been prepared are fried, then put the water, chicken meat, and other ingredients and then let it boil. After boiling, the opor chicken is ready to be served.

Recipes for making plastic rice cake supplement chicken oper

Making processed chicken is not perfect with the typical West Java Oper chicken recipe if there is no rice cake. Leventung is the food you have to make to enjoy the delicious and delicious taste of chicken oper. So this time to make it easier and more affordable, let’s make this rice cake using plastic.

Rice cakes and opers are not separated. Leventung can make the oper taste tastier and tastier. Many people fail when making this rice cake so you need to know the correct plastic rice cake recipe, here is the recipe.

Ingredients to be prepared:

  1. One liter of rice or adjusted with needs.
  2. Plastic bags in size to taste.
  3. Tooth tick
  4. Candles

Production Mode:

The first step you need is to wash the rice thoroughly until the soil disappears in the rice. Rice cleanliness is very important for maintaining the quality of the rice cake, so you should pay attention to its cleanliness when washing rice.

After the rice was washed clean, then put it in plastic. It is necessary to pay attention to the contents of the rice up to half the plastic because it can then be washed. In fact, to choose plastic sizes, it can be adjusted to your taste, but for maximum results, it is recommended to use a plastic size of 1/4.

Next, tighten the plastic using wax. Only the stiff tip because the next rice will spread 2 times compared to the previous one. After that, the plastic skewer uses as many teeth as possible so that the water can easily enter so that it will mature quickly.

The last step is to put the rice cake ingredients into a pot that has been heated for five minutes, making sure the water soaks the entire rice cake ingredients. Cook the rice cake ingredients for five minutes. Then let the rice cake ingredients stand with the pan closed. After that, Leventung is ready to serve.

Delicious Chicken Oper Amplifier Samble Recipe

To make the taste of the Western Javanian chicken recipe tastier, you can add fried chilli sauce. Jam adds to the taste of chili sauce dishes better can also give you a variety of health benefits such as controlling sugar levels, preventing bloodlessness, increasing stimulation and much more.

Ensemble is a must-have dietary supplement for Indonesianians. So, so that your chicken foods opor are tastier and at the same time get a variety of health benefits. Here is a simple chili sauce recipe that you can try to make at home.

Ingredients to be prepared:

  1. Curly peppers and chili peppers.
  2. Roman eggplant
  3. Terrace
  4. Salt

Production Mode:

For how easy it is, you just need to grind the top ingredients using a kobe or blender, there is no need to use water to make a thinner chili sauce because there is already a water content of Roman eggplant. If you want to add a spicy and slightly sweet taste, you can add white sugar to the taste.

Chicken Oper is a dish that tastes tasting. Combining chicken with coconut milk soup makes the taste of food more varied, in addition additional dietary supplements in the form of rice cakes and chilli sauce can increase your appetite. To make the flavours tastier, pay attention to the West Javanian chicken recipe above  .

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