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Contact the JNT call centre immediately if there are issues with your package.

One option you can do is to contact the JNT call center while using the courier service from JNT if your package is delayed or not received. In fact  , such issues are often encountered when using the courier service JNT delivery service.

The problem of delay in sending packages or goods that do not reach the recipient’s hands can be caused by the wrong delivery address or the delay in your package. For demand constraints, this occurs during peak working hours or at a time when delivery couriers face problems with the sending vehicle.

Obstacles encountered during late delivery may occur if the freight forwarder faces problems such as changing route due to an accident or incident on the road of the truck. Although we have actually encountered this very rarely, if the recipient feels uncomfortable, you  can contact the JNT call centre to get more information.

When you contact JNT customer service, you will be briefed later on about why the packages are delayed in delivery. In terms of the JNT courier work system, which is currently improving due to the development of advanced digital technology, the delivery of goods can be directly tracked using the internet.

JNT Courier Service Guarantee Quality and Reliability

Customer System Service or JNT Call Center is part of the benefits of JNT courier services. The use of this feature can be done 24/7 and the services usually use AI systems or computers to provide descriptions in a simple way. But you can also contact the personal service by calling (021) 8066 1888.

The use of customer service with AI systems is currently being used by many well-known companies because your questions can be answered quickly. But if you call the customer service number, prepare in advance the entire data information requirements of the JNT courier delivery package in your area.

The advantage of using the AI system is that small and simple questions can be answered quickly. But if the system is unable to identify questions that match the capacity, then the JNT call centre will take over. The service operator may be asked questions about the delivery packages used by the customers.

When asked about the status of goods or packages sent using JNT services, you need to prepare your own delivery package receipt number. These receipt numbers are obtained when you go to a JNT delivery agent or courier who processes the goods to their destination based on information on the conditions of the place of delivery to the recipient.

The information required by a JNT courier is usually in the form of the recipient’s name, address and telephone number. However, if a JNT courier agent requires the name of the sender, you should also include your name in the data.  The data  will be uploaded to the JNT call center service system for use as a data archive, if required.

JNT customer service is friendly and friendly to all customers.

All JNT courier service operators have experience in providing information to every customer in need. You can ask all the questions to the customer service regarding the JNT package you have sent. However you need a receipt number to use in the process of tracking the package of goods while in transit.

So if you have any questions about what is the condition of the package when it is in transit or where the package is located after the estimated delivery period from the front.  You  can use the receipt number as the main data of the JNT call center to track the status of packages sent using the JNT courier service in your area.

In general, the customer service question (021) 8066 1888 means why the package delivery is delayed beyond the estimated schedule. But you can take it easy because in addition to the time constraints, the customer service has provided many questions related to shipping issues. But barriers to distribution are still certainly rare because their reliability is guaranteed.

If the package is damaged, the problem may be caused by the sender of the goods not being proper in wrapping the package or the package is piled up in the warehouse.  When you contact the JNT call centre, you will be given several options regarding what can help in solving your problem.

The choice of options will then help you in solving the problem of damaged items such as insurance packages. But in fact when the first sender visits the JNT courier agency, an insurance package for the goods is offered. The point is to replace the damaged items if the courier package is not properly placed in the hands of the recipient.

JNT courier distribution covering all parts of Indonesia

In fact, JNT is a package or goods delivery expedition company, which is still very small because the company was founded in 2015. But the quality that this company possesses is no less than that of other delivery services.  You can also ask about the offers and packages that are used to send some packages with  the JNT call centre.

Because even as a new company, JNT can cover almost all urban areas in Indonesia. With the help of JNT Express, your package is guaranteed to reach the recipient’s hands safely, in a timely and in good condition. In addition to the coverage of courier agents spread across various cities and regencies in Indonesia, JNT also has a variety of attractive offers.

There are several package options in the JNT call centre, which you can use in special calculations related to the status of the goods and the time of delivery. The condition of the package can be heavy or light even if the JNT courier can safely receive and deliver the goods. Usually the package weight and delivery distance determine the price required to deliver the package.

However, these conditions can also be taken into consideration as to what kind of delivery time you will use later. For normal JNT Express deliveries, delivery usually takes 3 to 5 days when it is during normal time. But JNT also has a one-day service delivery package with 1-day delivery.

Reasons to choose JNT Express for fast package delivery

You will take it easy because delivery is always as per expectations and is tried on time because the courier is ready to deliver the customer delivery from the hands of the sender to the recipient at any time. Despite major events or holidays, the package can still move into the hands of the recipient to securely deliver the goods.

The development of digital technology today has changed the pattern of human life well and the existence of an online store is a testimony to this. Basically, an online store or what we can call an online shop is a convenience that exists in today’s and age to make life easier and cater to everyone’s needs.

Therefore, with the presence of JNT Express, it becomes easier for us to conveniently send or order goods as the services provided are of the number one quality. A complaint can be made about complaints  , including the presence  of a JNT call centre, or ask about the status of the package to be sent using the receipt number.

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