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How to  easily check Gojek receipts specifically for Gosend  services

Gojek receipts are very easy to check specifically for Gosend services. With this convenience, the sender will not be difficult if he wants to know where the goods have arrived. This comfort is certainly not felt by the conductor alone. The recipient can also feel the comfort.  Gosend Himself is a feature of Gojek.

This is a kind of development that gojek continues to make. This company is now very large. His own age is long enough. Gojek was first founded in 2010. Initially, this company provided transportation services only in the form of motorcycle taxis or cars.

But the more you come here, the more services Indonesians get. The development was carried out by a large number of service needs until Gosend was discovered. But when using it, there are many users who do not know how to check gojek receipts specifically  for Gosend services. This definitely complicates it.

How to check Gojek’s own confession

Gosend is a feature with which you can send articles about Gojek that eliminate the need for the sender to go directly to the recipient. It is enough to entrust the goods to the driver, and the driver must send it to the addressee. Because he does not participate in transportation, without knowing that the last place of the goods can be inconvenient.

The sender gets confused when calculating the estimated time of arrival of the goods. Therefore, it is very important to know how to check gojek receipts specifically for Gosend services  . Once you know, the sender will feel relaxed. If you want to keep track of it, you have several options for this.

The first option is to use the gojek application. This is the easiest way. When you track the application, you will not know the last location of the articles by writing. However, in the application, the last location of the goods is displayed through a folder. This has its advantages.

When the location appears on a dispatcher form, some often do not know the address. This requires the user to search the address first. if the most recent location is specified in folder form, the user immediately models the location of the location.  Gojek receipts that are verified specifically  for Gosend services  can also be prepared through the call center.

To do this, customers can first contact the Gojek call center. within the call center, explain the request to find out the latest location. Later, CS answers some questions as validity. If the question is successfully answered, CS will notify you of the last location of the sent package.

The  last way to check Gojek receipts  specifically for Gosend services is to  use the online store application. Of course, this is possible only if the client purchases products from the online store. The online shopping app is also quite simple to use as the receipts from these shipments do not need to be seen.

Types of transport  when wearing Gosend

When using  Gosend, please note that there are two types of transport that can be used. To make a choice, customers first need to know the difference between the two types of shipping. The difference itself is enough. Customers can see the difference between price and time.

For the first type of delivery, gosend Instant Delivery itself. This is the type of gojek transport that enjoys the greatest popularity. Gojek receipt checks are  also used specifically for  this type of Gosend services  . When choosing this variety, the transportation of goods can not be carried out over a distance of more than 40 km.

From this distance, the maximum travel time of the driver will be about 120 minutes. However, this service is crowded only in major cities. It should be noted that Jabodetabek and Bandung are the cities where this service is most used. The maximum weight of the package is there when you use it. The maximum weight is 20 kg.

In addition, the maximum dimensions must be taken into account. The maximum size of the goods of the shipment is 50 X 70 X 50. The price itself is quite cheap. The cost per km is only 2,500 rupees. However, there is a minimum shipping cost. Users cannot use instant delivery at a cost of less than 20 rupees miles.

The second type is called Gosend on the same day  . Checking gojek receipts specifically  for  same-day gosend services  does not imply  instant delivery. This is because this service is only used for long-range transportation. Travel time is also further away. Drivers can send packets for up to 8 hours on the same day.

This makes transportation between cities even faster. However, there are minimum tariffs that need to be assumed. On the same day, it can be used only if the tariff exceeds 150 thousand rupees. If we calculate it, the cost is very simple. For 30 km, the conductor will have to spend only 150 miles of rupees.

Advantages when using  Gosend during transportation

When you check gojek receipts specifically for Gosend services   , the benefits of this feature will be felt. The first advantage lies in speed. If the user uses an expedition service, the fastest package delivery is 1 day. This can be done only in nearby places.

The maximum time when using  Gosend is only 8 hours. This is very profitable and helps if the delivery of goods is in a hurry. Practicality will also be visible when using this function. This practicality is very pronounced, because the sender does not need to go to the place of service.

Before checking the gojek receipt specifically  for Gosend services, the driver picks up the package to the front of the house. This means that there are no disruptions in other activities, but the delivery of goods is still possible. Another advantage that often goes lies in the weak, regardless. Some people often complain about the high cost of sending gojek.

In fact, this statement is not true. As you sail to Gojek, the driver starts the package with an engine. The fuel emitted is definitely not as expensive as a car. This makes prices much cheaper. It is clear that when using other paths you need to feel different things.

Most of these trips carry the goods by car. Since the use of the car requires a lot of gasoline, the transportation costs are definitely very high. Another plus of using Gosend  lies in the safety of the goods. When using it, the package is guaranteed to be safe until it reaches its destination.

This is because the designated driver has passed the training and selection. This can ensure that the driver is reliable. In addition, the name and business card of the leader are clearly displayed. This allows customers to get to know the driver who made the delivery. Even if there is damage, Gojek provides insurance for all shipments.

Gojek has many useful features

Few people know about the new functions of gojek. Although apart from Gosend , there are still many features that are very useful. One of the most important features is the name of the goauto. This is one of the features of automotive online services. If your vehicle is damaged, this service will prevent you from leaving the house to repair it.

In addition, the goauto service also provides a car wash function. That is, the seam is brought from goauto to the consumer’s house. There is also a function called gomassage. This is one of the features of calling a masseur. With this property, those who are in pain can bring the best masseur into the house.

Gojek is a constantly growing company. Although the name is already very large, the changes will certainly continue in the coming years. But in addition to being the CEO of online motorized taxis, Gosend’s service is  certainly  one of the most popular. You, as a user, should be very comfortable with the service and how to check the receipts of gojek specifically  for Gosend services  , which are simple.

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