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3 ways to contact the Tocopedia Call Center for advice

The 3 ways to contact the Tocopedia Call Center in this digital era should be known when you become a market place user. The call center   is defined as a service from Tocopedia simply when customers need information, submit complaints, or ask for help when they receive a problem. This service in digital business is very important for developing good relationships with customers.

The call center is compared to the representation of the business that confronts the consumer directly. This service is one of the key points to provide customers with a sense of comfort. In addition to good response and communication, the media used in call center services show the company’s expertise when it comes to providing the best service to consumers.

Tocopedia  is one  of indonesia’s largest markets, and it is included in the unicorn category that still develops itself today. Of course,  this large market strives to provide the best service to customers, sellers, and buyers. If you need help information or submit a complaint, there are 3 ways to contact the Tocopedia call center.

How to contact the Tokopedia Call Center that can be done

Below are ways you can try to connect Tocopedia call centers.

  1. Using the call center

If you need a quick response,  you can get the best choice of 3 ways to contact the Tocopedia Call Center by contacting the 02153691015 or 02180647333 directly  . However, when using this method, customers need a provider balance to do so. If you do not want to spend too much money, we recommend using this medium when you are in an important/dangerous situation.

  1. Using e-mail

If you’re used to using email, you can do it through this medium. The advantage of this method is that you can submit complaints whether you are official or not. In this way, it is easy to add the documents necessary to amplify your opposition or request for information.

The address of the electronic message for communicating with customer service contact@tokopedia.com. Another advantage of this medium is that the confidentiality of information can be better maintained when submitting complaints or communicating.

Getting customer service through social media

When the issue isn’t so critical,  one of the 3 ways to contact the Tocopedia call center, we recommend choosing other media that doesn’t require costs. One of them through social media, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Communication services through these social media can be used within a full 24 hours. Another facility is easier for those who are used to using social media.

When you use Twitter, the account you  can contact @tokopedia or @tokopediacare. In the meantime, if you communicate using Tokopedia facebook, open the Fans page @tokopedia with http://facebook.com/tokopedia URL address. When using Instagram, follow @tokopedia account.

Communicating with the service with social media can be communicated in a number of ways. First by reporting in the comments column or by using a personal message directly. We recommend using the comment field for general information.

However, when discussing personal matters or informing fraudulent reporters or those in need of your personal data, we recommend using direct messages. This is safe and prevents you from getting problems from others.

When it comes to interacting with social media, it doesn’t cost money.  You only need data-enabled access and use of social media. But the downside of this news medium is that it is relatively slow compared to the telephone service because most customers generally use this medium to communicate with Tocopedia.

Even when it’s so high and piling up on social media, there’s a possibility that it won’t be read by customer service. Therefore, it is recommended that this medium should be used to communicate or inform about matters of less importance. When you enter a site or app, you can focus on shopping or opening stalls.

Even if you don’t use this social media as one of the 3 ways to contact the Tocopedia Call Center, we recommend you follow it because Tocopedia reveals various latest information through their social media, whether it’s policies, promotions or other important information.

Get in touch with the Tocopedia Call Center using an app

Below are some of the ways you can use to communicate with Tocopedia call centers using the app.

  1. Help Center

Another option of 3 ways to contact The Tocopedia Call Center is by using the app in the “Help Center” panel  . Whether you are using the app or site, select the Contact us pane. Then some points will be displayed that it will notify you, please point out the requirements. Then, please let us know the information you want to resolve.

  1. Tocopedia Care

You can communicate with customer service through the Tocopedia Care feature. Tokopedia Care contains a variety of information about this market placement that customers and vendors need. In addition to the information, Tokopedia Care also provides articles as tutorial information and important advice to users.

You can access it by opening an account first. Then select the settings group – select Tocopedia Maintenance. Type the keywords about the problem in the search bar on this page. For more accurate information you will get the topic of the issue.

After that, enter the keywords of the problem you are facing. After this process a guide will be shown to solve the problem. When the problem is not realized,  more customer service in the help center features.

  1. Transaction Invoices

Another method in this app  can also be through invoices for the transactions you are currently doing. Please open the list of transactions in the account – click Shop. Select the transaction experiencing problems. Then the message details will be displayed, please select the panel.

  1. Live chat

You can get in touch with the Tocopedia team through a live chat service provided as a counseling room. However, currently the live chat service is limited to sellers who have gold and platinum members. To take advantage of this service, please go to the Top pot widget.

After that, you can open an account, go to settings – go to Tocopedia Care – Pop-up chat is shown – Now select it in the chat panel – write down what you want to consult with. If you want to communicate with customer service, you can add supporters like screenshots. But before responding, Tocopedia will usually send a chatbot.

  1. Through the Resolution Center

With this service, youcan consult directly with Tocopedia. Then they  inform each buyer and seller the best solution. To do so please open an account – this is a list of transactions – this is shopping – select the transaction that encountered the problem – please select the complaint panel.

After that, the pop-up of the order complaints will be displayed, please click. Then move on to the issue and say it clearly. If the reporter has not responded or the best solution has not been found for 3 days, please use the feature where you ask for help. Here you  will be directly welcomed by the Solution Center administrator to help solve the problem.

Protocols used  to contact call centres

In addition to the technical instructions you need to pay attention to the process in 3 ways to contact the Tocopedia call center. Even if the buyer is the king, convey it more respectfully. Open communication with a polite greeting, and then summarize it, clearly, and not by words.    Make sure that the information you report is genuine and not remote.

If necessary, add supporting resources when registering a complaint to make it easier for them to respond.  You have to wait patiently for an answer, because there are many customers who are experiencing the same problem as you are. In this way it will be answered well.

In addition, before submitting complaints, asking questions, and more, make sure that you have tried to understand the rules regarding transactions in Tocopedia.   Do not allow them to  ask for  3 ways to contact the Tocopedia call center from issues clearly reported in the information center.

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