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Find out the Indihome Call Center number and how to contact us

The Iddihome call center  number is an important number record for users.  In fact, Indihome is one of the ISPs in Nusantar.  As a  subsidiary of a large telecommunications operator in Indonesia, i.e. PT. The Indihome of Indonesian Telecommunications (Telkom) quickly became known to the general public  .

Because the Internet is known to become  one of  the  important needs  of  today’s global  civilization.  The development of the Internet is getting faster and faster, and  almost everyone  in the world  always  enjoys it.   Different ISPs are also starting to mushroom with different attractive offerings.

Even  if  we look further, we have currently started to build internet infrastructure  in rural areas so that people can enjoy it as well .  Not only that, previously the Internet was used only by companies or offices  .   In the meantime, at the moment  it has a  less concentrated direction  – this is  a house.

That is why Indihome meets  the domestic  Internet  here at a low price.   To enjoy  high-speed network access,  you no longer need to go to an Internet café.   For various information about  Indihome and how to file user complaints  , contact indihome’s call center number.

Meet Indihome as an INTERNET service provider

The word Indihome means Indonesia Digital HOME  , the invention of PT is  a product.  Indihome . Telecommunications Indonesia (Telkom). Providers of data communication and service packages such as wired  (voice), Internet (Fiber Internet or High Speed Internet) and interactive TV services such as USee TV cable and IP TV  .

Indihome  3-in-1 gives package markings.   The reason for this designation is that Indihome not only provides Internet services,  but  also pays for TV shows and telephone lines.   Not only that, Indihome also improves its services by providing digital music portal services and Home Automation.

Indihome  switched  from Speedy users to Indihome in 2015. In the same year,  Indihome was one of telkom’s  largest  projects, the Indonesian  Digital Network 2015.   For the success of the program, Telkom cooperates with various telecom technology developers.

The goal of working with various telecommunications technology developers is that Telkom  strives to build  a  digital concept home service  .  The  purpose of indihome-enabled homes is areas with Telkom fiber optics and areas that still use copper cables.

In providing high-quality internet services,  Indihome provides an Indihome call center number that makes it easier for customers  to contact  Indihome if there is a problem with the technology installed in their homes.  This will make it easier   to solve the problem.

Contact indihome call center

As a service provider, Indihome combines it  with the provision of call center services.  Contact an Indihome call center via 147 by following the procedure provided.   This  number can be used to  report  home disturbances  .

The first thing to own is enough credit  to contact Indihome’s call center number.   In addition, kamu can press 147 on the mobile phone used. If the credit is sufficient, it is attached  when you hear  “welcome to 147, press 1 in Indonesian, press 2 for English”.

After that, k amu  can  press the number 2 for various  Indihome problems.   In addition, pressing the number 1 is for Indihome customers. If k amu is not an Indihome customer, you can press the number 2  .  Only after that you need to wait for a direct greeting from the Indihome operator  .

If it is attached, you can file a complaint with the operator.   Usually, k amu is asked   to enter the client ID. This ID is usually used during the  bill payment  process. It is very easy to contact an Indihome call center number if there is a breakdown in the internet  or  other service in your home.

 Best Package B  and price

During this WFH period,  Indihome moved to provide  different packages that can only be accessed from home.  The first package is Indihome Learning from Home.   According to the  package, this package is here  to support the  learning process during the covid-1 pandemic.  Students are offered specifically at pocket-friendly prices.

For example,  learning from the Home package is  a  Triple Play package with an Internet quota of up to 10 Mbps, a 50-minute  call  and an interactive  TV.   To get  this package,  it is enough to spend the budget Rp. 199,000   . This price reduces  the cost of buying internet quota for students.

Not only for students, teachers and educators, they also provide special packages for homeschooling teachers and lecturers.   Including providing online materials through  indihome study  .  With a budget of  225,000k amu, you can already enjoy one of these packages, namely Dual Play.

Another Indihome Pack  is Indihome Triple Play.  This  category includes  full packages, as it  has standard packages  for Internet services, landlines  and USeeTV.  Buying a package online  gives a special voucher.   Not only that, but  there are  also  streaming bonuses  like iflix.

Game lovers  don’t  have to worry about them, Indihome also provides the  Indihome Gamer package  .  Gamers who choose this package will get internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps.  As for the problem, the  price is still quite affordable, with  a  minimum price of Rp.    395 000 kamu can already enjoy this package  .

Another package they offer is a BUMN package created  to love local products  .  Indihome  is the  choice  for uninterrupted internet service. If you ever have a problem  with  this service, you can contact  indihome’s call center number at 147.

Reasons to choose Indihome for home Internet

Access to the whole world of indihome do k amu connection really suitable karena offers various advantages.   This advantage is what  makes customers feel more at home,  and those who have not yet joined Indihome  can immediately choose the best connection.

The advantage provided is that you will receive the  package as needed.   Indihome offers  different  types of packages  , with different prices according to your needs.   N TV lovers   also  don’t have to worry because you  can contact Indihome’s call center number,  and  this is facilitated by a service without an ad break.   Indihome provides USeeTV to watch the providers without ad breaks.

Those who are worried that various devices connected to the Indihome Internet are exposed to viruses should be immediately ignored.  This is because Indihome provides a digital antivirus with  protective and additional layers  . So it is very safe if  the communication device always gets access to it  .

Another advantage is that Indihome offers stable  and high-speed Internet access  .   Not only that, this product  also offers a special telephone service.   Look at it in terms of service, you already have an  Indihome call center number that you can contact in case of a problem.

If youoften  encounter  issues during the checkout process or invoices, it doesn’t apply  if you choose Indihome.   That’s because Indihome allows you to easily pay online or pay directly.   These various benefits make Indihome worthy of being your choice when it comes to surfing cyberspace.

In fact  , the Internet dominates the share of the global communications market  .   Almost all work is completed,  and everyone needsit.   If you want  wide internet coverage at home, you can try Indihome.   If you choose Indihome and run into problems,  you can easily contact  the indihome call center number.

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